Mosquito Tax passes by 58 percent

10 Jul

Well, I don’t have time to bitch about it now, but I called the Butte County Mosquito and Vector Control District and the little shoat at the phone told me the assessment passed, with 58 percent of the vote.

Sheesh.  This town is so divided down the middle – I was looking at our stats the other day, and according to several sources, the Republicans in town only outnumber the Democrats by about 5 or less percent. No  wonder this is such a nasty little town at times.  Lately, all the time. 

A man I was talking to about this reminded me, BCMVCD just built a “Taj Mahal” office over on Otterson  Drive. “There’s about three employees sitting in that thing,”  he complained.  Yeah,  three employees worth almost $500,000 in salaries, pensions and health benefits. 

I’m surprised this passed, but not surprised by the slim margin. That’s why the  legislature has been  lowering the voting threshold for bonds from two thirds to 51 percent – they know they can’t get popular support for these taxes, so they’re just going for fascism.

I’ll tell you what’s really wrong here – the local media has not said anything about the salaries, pensions, benefits,  or, like the man reminded me, the Taj Mahal office building. Today I ate my lunch over the usual propaganda piece on Ch 12 News – fogging in Hamilton City and Nord tonight! Heck, they legally have to tell us when they’re going to fog us, but insist the fog is harmless. But cover your car maybe. Uh-huh. Linda Watkins Bennett, a woman I once admired, read the public relations release from  BCMVCD as if it was news, running a video  of a BCMVCD  employee gravely warning us not even to go outside after dusk, as if we’ll be swept away  by the swarm and our desiccated carcass will be riddled with deadly diseases.  Then  Linda trots out the provided figures – 24 cases of West Nile in 2013? They’ve got a bigger problem with Chlamydia over at the  campus.

The piece the News and Review did in April came off like straight propaganda,  not a word about the salaries, pensions, health benefits, or the Taj Mahal headquarters, just a bunch  of crap about how afraid we should be of mosquitoes.

And I could only find one specific  case, of 24,  described,  from 2013 – that of a child in North Chico. The child had already made “full recovery” at the time of the report, symptoms including headache and fever had occurred at least a month before the girl’s test results were made public.  She had no lasting consequences. I’ve only heard of one death confirmed from West Nile, that of an older Chico  man.

I’m not being flip – the flu  is  dangerous too,  but you don’t see a Butte County Flu Control District. Why  isn’t mosquito  abatement handled out of the Health Department? Why all the  extra management salaries? ‘

I know, that’s a dumb question.



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