Saturday morning bluster

12 Jul

I’m still on vacation, I guess, but of course I can’t help look at the news, it’s compulsive. 

I was really glad to hear that the Supreme Court says public sector unions can’t collect fees from home health care workers who object to being affiliated with a union.  These people, usually paid minimum wage, were made to pay “fair share dues” to unions. I don’t know if this ruling applies to anyone else, but it sure opens the door.  In past the city of Chico has been made to collect “fair share dues” from cops whether they wanted to be union members or not. I’ve always wondered, how many cops in Chico are unwilling to follow Peter Durfee? But have to pay anyway? I hope this ruling has wide reaching effect. 

I’m glad to see Brian Nakamura gone, but now we have Orme, I don’t know if that’s much of an improvement. I read a memo Mary Fitch provided on Truth Matters, written by Orme to staff, telling them they shouldn’t be discussing salaries and other matters among themselves, and I have to say – the guy is a little jackboot creep. I always picture him in one of those brown Nazi uniforms, with the cute little bill cap.

They made a big deal about Orme taking a $9,000 lower salary. Excuse my French, or German actually – Big Fucking Deal. He still got a raise over his Ass Man salary, which was alot higher than the salary he was pulling in Hemet (Remember Hemet!), and about $30,000 more than former city mangler Dave Burkland was getting.

Our park remains closed most days, trees are going untrimmed and the park roads are becoming completely riddled with potholes. One day a week a Waste Management truck, provided with a key, drives through the park collecting trash. Fritz McKinley, before he became  desaparecido, told us the garbage trucks were the number one destroyer of streets, and Brian Nakamura claimed that was why they needed to pay more franchise fees, but here he gave them the contract to empty trash cans on the vulnerable park road – this man’s words and actions never added up right. This to save, what, salaries and benefits for two staffers? Probably both paid less than $60,000/year. According to “,” the average Northern California garbage truck driver makes $30 – 37,000 a year, and that’s union scale. Benefits – well, the garbage companies are required to pay workman’s comp and SSI, I presume, but that will not amount to $50,000 a year for the rest of your life. I’m guessing they are on taxpayer subsidized Obamacare, or go to the ER and then can’t pay, like all us other indigents. 

Peter Durfee thinks his job is dangerous – let’s see that fat pig out behind a garbage truck five days a week, I can’t believe he’d last more than a day out of his air-conditioned fully equipped cruiser. 

I wonder if everybody heard the story of how we got stuck with Nakamura in the first place. Remember how Hemet reacted to the news that Nakamura was leaving for Chico – they were surprised, and a little miffed, because as he was promising loyalty forever to Hemet, he was scooting up to Chico behind their backs to apply for the job here.  The news was leaked here in Chico – according to Tom Gascoyne in his story in the N&R, “this reporter head about it from a local business owner…” I heard it was Budd Schwab, in a conversation with Gascoyne at Duffys. I have that on reliable sources, so that’s what I believe.  Both of these men are regular Duffy’s dwellers, and I have a couple of moles at Duffy’s. Budd leaked the news to Gascoyne, and who knows who else, Hemet got really pissed at Nakamura, and, here’s what nobody will admit – we had to hire the motherfucker because he threatened to sue us. 

And now here we are. Mark Sorensen left holding a bag of dog doo. At least that’s funny.

It has really come home to me how much  trouble the city is really in, since I tried to get my Utility Tax rebate. In past this has been a 45 minute task – drive down to the city, take the stuff in, stand while they check every page of my bills, add it up – but I’d walk out with cold green cash. This year the woman told my husband they’d have to keep the paperwork for review, but she said they’d “cut a check” the next day. Long story short, it was about  three weeks of bitching at Chris Constantin, who put me off, put me off, telling me the check had been cut and sent when it really hadn’t. I finally got it Friday. I don’t know how much of Constantin’s time I took with my chain rattling, but do the math – that boy is expensive. I felt like an old rich broad who’d hired an escort. My $53 rebate must have cost them at least a few hundred dollars.

 Have you been following the conversation on the “move your ass off the sidewalk” ordinance? One citation? And Idiot at the ER says this is working? Go to Gen Kai restaurant and have an order of tekka maki at a window seat – we got a transient problem people, and Chico PD is doing NOTHING. I told Kirk Trostle, the problem is not limited to Downtown, like the conversation has been. I told him about incidents I’d seen at Rite Aid – including a man in a big 4WD truck who got so frustrated with a transient who was wandering the parking lot, he punched the drunkard through the window of his truck as he was exiting the parking lot. I watched the whole thing, I couldn’t blame the driver. I told Trostle I’d watched a clerk sell an intoxicated man a bottle of booze at 10 am, and as far as I know, there’s been absolutely no investigation. I felt for the clerk – the man was in his face, demanding. The clerk just wanted rid of the guy, but that’s against the law. 

Trostle is still trying to make a special zone out of Downtown – it’s on the Planning Commission agenda for next week – trying to make Downtown restaurant owners pay all these extra fees, as much as $5,000 per business, directly to Chico PD.  It’s just a revenue grab, it’s not going to do anything about our very convoluted “drinking problem.” 

Meanwhile, the cops just admitted, they’ve been on an 18 month “hiatus” from breaking up homeless camps in the park, the channel, etc. I’m getting sick of these fatasses and their slovenly refusal to do the jobs they are overpaid for. Trostle and Durfee, just keep it up boys – you’ll have the entire town up your ass before you know it.

Well, back to work. 








2 Responses to “Saturday morning bluster”

  1. Mary July 14, 2014 at 10:04 am #

    I watched the 19-minute video of the ‘special’ Council meeting during which Orme was appointed City Manager. I have some thoughts about the Council’s rhetoric that deserve a more detailed response, but regarding Orme, it appears that he has the support of at least some of the staff. My guess is Orme hasn’t lied to or about them, which is really pretty simple stuff that Nakamura just couldn’t seem to wrap his brain around. And, given the Council’s track record, heaven only knows who they would have pulled out of a hat if there had been another outside recruitment. Just my opinion… Thanks for what you do.

    • Juanita Sumner July 15, 2014 at 5:51 am #

      Yeah, I’m just grousing – it’s better than Gruendl as city manager. I know he’s wanted it in past, and I’ll guess he wouldn’t turn it down. “Oh, since you need me…” I think that would be a bigger disaster than Gruendl as mayor.

      I have had personal experiences with Orme that have left me cold. He doesn’t like me and won’t answer e-mail questions. Sorensen has likewise cut me off. Just won’t answer. I guess I pissed them all off when I told Constantin I thought they’d made the UT rebate process onerous just so people won’t collect. I had to ask, how much money in Staff time did they spend on my UT rebate, given that Chris, at $200,000+ a year, was jockeying e-mails back and forth. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just hand me the cash – unless they are insinuating something about Casey and Anna. If I were Casey or Anna I’d be insulted, unless I was so glad to have my job I didn’t want to make a peep.

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