Montes responds – still won’t tell. Shame on you Joe Montes.

28 Aug
Joe MontesAugust 26, 2014 at 1:24 pm 


Hi Juanita, I would like to clarify the record. I was invited by one person to attend a meeting with him and another person under the premise that important business development demographics would be shared that would be helpful to my campaign – as you know I’m interested in developing business in Chico. When I arrived at the meeting it quickly turned into a POLITE but focused conversation on why I should drop from the race because, as a newcomer to Chico who was gaining popularity, I would very likely end up splitting the vote with Andrew Coolidge. Although I did not like what I heard, I obviously accepted and acted upon the information after speaking with many others over the next two weeks – nearly everyone confirmed that term of residency was important in Chico.

I have not given names because I do not believe it is important. I want to emphatically state that neither Mark Sorensen, Reanette Fillmer, Andrew Coolidge, Sean Morgan or Larry Wahl had any part to play in my decision to drop from the race. In fact, I didn’t even know Reanette until fairly recently, and Mark, Larry, Andrew, and Sean along with many others repeatedly asked me not to drop from the race.

On another point, I never used the term “ambushed” with Melissa, but I can see how she could reach that conclusion. I don’t believe the two people I met with were trying to hurt me, so I don’t think it was an ambush – I think they were simply trying to protect Chico. I haven’t provided much information on these events in the past because I just didn’t know my departure was an issue. Otherwise, I would have provided you and others information sooner. I appreciate the work you’re doing for the citizens of Chico and I hope in the near future I can contribute as much to this wonderful city as you have. Thank you Juanita. – Joe Montes

I’m sorry, this is not clarifying Joe, this is throwing more mud on the situation. We have people trying to cut the voters out of the process, trying to manipulate our elections, and you act as though this is none of the public’s business. Shame on you Joe Montes.

2 Responses to “Montes responds – still won’t tell. Shame on you Joe Montes.”

  1. Casey Aplanalp August 28, 2014 at 8:52 am #

    Mr. Montes, I’d like to know who pulled your strings. I’d like to know who pulls ALL of our strings. We deserve to know, and we want names. Thank you in advance, if you have a spine.

    • Juanita Sumner August 28, 2014 at 10:28 am #

      You know, I had thought Joe had quite a spine – he was the only one to call the conflict of interest that exists when councilors who sign contracts take or benefit from campaign contributions from the employee unions. I think that’s why somebody asked him to step out. I’m sorry he doesn’t see what his rollover means to us voters.

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