Well, maybe not ANYBODY but Gruendl… council candidates look so bad this year, I’m writing in Joe Montes

19 Oct

This is a very unpleasant election, not as fun as usual – there aren’t any good candidates. City Council is an avalanche of crap. Look at our choices here – I already discussed why I’m not voting for Gruendl, now I’ll tell you why I’m not voting for ANY of them.

Mark Sorensen says it’s too hard to cut the salaries and perks because he gets the same package as city manager of Biggs. He won’t rock the CalPERS boat. Did you see his campaign flier?

I know, the same picture he's used for the past two or three elections.

I know, the same picture he’s used for the past two or three elections, Mark and The Super Vixens.  

What I see in this picture is five people on the public dole – we pay for a $21,000+ package for Mark Sorensen and his tribe there. He also gets a package from city of Biggs. Our contracts are written so that if an employee gets another package from another job, they can choose a package from the city and then accept a cash payout instead of the insurance policy. What do you think Sorensen does – does he take two policies at the public expense or does he take the better policy and then take cash for the lesser? 

What I  don’t see in this picture is the grandkid he was bragging about a couple of years back, or any son-in-law to go along with said grandkid, so I’m guessing grandkid is also on the public dole. 

No, this man will never take any kind of stand against public overcompensation, he’s never going to go after the conflict of interest in the cop and fire contracts (the city collects their unions dues, even from employees who don’t want to be in the union, and they use the money for elections). An endorsement for this man is an endorsement for bankruptcy and a life in chains for the private sector worker.

And then there’s little Reanette Fillmer – when Michael Jones asked her if she will get a public pension for her work in Tehama County, she said she didn’t know. How cute – playing dumb? She works as a human resources consultant for a law group that works out of  CalPERS, doing CalPERS bidding in public entities all over the state. Now she’s here to make sure we pay our pension premiums so CalPERS doesn’t go bust and  take all those phat pensions with it.


I’ll just lump Forough Molina and  Lupe Arim-Law along with Gruendl because they won’t say anything that Gruendl and the Democrats haven’t pre-approved. In fact, in our conversation about the PG&E rate increase, Molina came off as an idiot.

I am interested in this discussion. I am one of those people who keeps my bills forever and fume over the changing charges. I remember in college physics, my prof told us that a group of Yale students could not figure out how the heck PG&E charged customers. Not sure if that was true, or just getting us fired up to solve some problems, but it sounded right to me. It’s pretty crazy, really, that people don’t seem to notice these increases. I guess on a single income, I do notice.

I work during the day, and have a pretty full calendar now, but do have some evenings I could find an hour or so for something important like this.

Let me know.

She can’t look at her bill and see what’s happening? She also excuses herself out of participating because of her job – will she have time to perform her duties on council? Probably – her duties would just be rubber stamping whatever Gruendl says. Same for Arim-Law – neither of them will discuss anything in depth, because they’re afraid to make any statement that is out of step with Gruendl and Mulhullond. They’re just a couple of fist-puppets.

Andrew Coolidge has lied right to me, he’s said things to me and then denied them later – I predict this guy will win, and then we’re going to be up Shit Creek without a paddle.  He’s the cops’ boy, and along with Fillmer and Sorensen, he’s going to take us down the road to Perdition.

The only candidate I can say I have an ounce of respect for is Rodney Willis. He’s the only one with the balls to say he’ll favor a tax. You know they all will, but they’re lying right now to get elected.  Still, I couldn’t vote for this guy, he didn’t have anything else, just honestly admitting he wanted to give the cops more money. Honesty isn’t enough Rodney, you have to have more brains than that. 

I wrote in Joe Montes. Joe is the only one who would discuss anything pertinent. He’s also very qualified to work on employee relations – he’s an administrative law judge, the same kind of judge that sat on our CPUC hearing like an old hooker holding down a popular corner. But he seems to be more concerned with the public welfare – he’s the one that opined it is a conflict of interest for city councilors to vote on contracts that include a clause that the city collects union dues that are funneled into councilors’ campaigns. That was enough for me, the rest of them are a pile of shit – I wrote in Joe Montes.




7 Responses to “Well, maybe not ANYBODY but Gruendl… council candidates look so bad this year, I’m writing in Joe Montes”

  1. bob October 19, 2014 at 10:21 am #

    Well, if Forough gets elected I say furlough Forough!

    Before I had voted for the so called conservatives. This election I can’t even bring myself to hold my nose and vote for them. None of the candidates are for contracting out fire or police. And none of them are even for scaling back policie and fire pay and benefits so they are even half way in line with the county and Cal Fire.

    They all say they will solve the budget problems but they won’t come out and support what is necessary for that to happen. But hey, trust ’em, they say they will solve the problems. They are either stupid or they are lying to us. Take your pick. And they certainly think we are stupid.

    The other night I was looking at sites like http://transparentcalifornia.com/. Most of what I see at these salary and benefits site is that since Brown’s tax increases these salaries and benefits have been going up every year.

    None of these politicians are going to scale back public employee salaries and benefits. It’s scare the shiite outta the sheeple to get them to accept more tax increases. The politiicians are there to serve the special interests not us peons. Just look at sites like transparentcalifornia and you will see this is true.

    Whoever winds up on the city council will continue all this. They will continue to play games (like what they are doing with the sewer increase money), increase fees and put a sales tax increase on the next ballot. None of them give a rat’s ass about people like you and like me.

  2. bob October 19, 2014 at 10:26 am #

    You are right. None of these candidates are worth voting for. None of them will give us straight answers to tough questions. All of them have conflicts of interest or are already living off the taxpayers or in some way benefit off the taxpayers.

    They are all loathsome trough feeders.

    • Juanita Sumner October 20, 2014 at 4:50 am #

      I know, what a disaster this election is. Friends keep asking me who I’m voting for in the council race, and nobody believes me when I say I’m writing in Montes and calling it a day. I hate to blow the wind out of people’s sails, but I can’t just hold my nose and vote for the least of the evils. They all suck, they should be arrested.

  3. bob October 22, 2014 at 2:47 pm #

    Weird. I got the super vixens postcard from Sorensen and then I got it again today about a week later. I guess he’s got more campaign money than he knows what to do with or he’s got a glitch in his software that sends out those postcards.

    • Juanita Sumner October 22, 2014 at 4:13 pm #

      I have the two Supervixens from Sorensen and three slick postcards from Fillmer. I don’t know where she got my e-mail, but I was getting a few of those a week until I unsubscribed. Only one postcard from the dis-Grundler, none from Molina, Arim-Law or Willis. I’m sure they all sent something, I just wonder how they make up their mailing lists.

      A week and a half to go – if I can get enough of these, I’ll go out as Harry Tuttle from “Brazil.”

      • bob October 22, 2014 at 7:28 pm #

        Well, I guess Reanette wants your vote more than mine. Maybe she knows I call her Renault. BTW, Renault has a new car out called the Twingo. Sounds like a Reanette car. I’m sure once she’s on the council she’ll twingo us good!

        As for the Harry Tuttle reference, I’m sorry I didn’t get it. I don’t see very many movies. Haven’t seen one for a long time. The last one I saw was Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.

      • Juanita Sumner October 23, 2014 at 5:21 am #

        Holy Cow, never seen Brazil? Don’t watch it, it’s so depressing – the last friend I recommended it to was mad at me. Harry Tuttle is character played by Robert DeNiro, a guy who spends his life fighting bureaucracy – he disappears in a blizzard of paperwork. I thought if I got enough of those fliers I could go out as Harry Tuttle for Halloween. Really scary movie.

        When I was a kid, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner was considered a scary movie.

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