California bag ban referendum winds it way through the process – could be on November 2016 ballot

13 Jan

Here is the Ballotpedia entry for the proposed plastic bag ban referendum.

If the required number of signatures are ratified, the ban will have to be placed on the November 2016 ballot for the voters to make the call. The ban, SB 270. was originally passed by the California legislature and ratified by The Moonbeam, but sufficient signatures and a majority of California voters could overturn this legislation. 

Of course this will not overturn county of city ordinances. I don’t know how we can overturn our local ordinance – the clock is ticking, I don’t think we have much time if any for our own referendum drive. That doesn’t mean we can’t get petition council to overturn it.

4 Responses to “California bag ban referendum winds it way through the process – could be on November 2016 ballot”

  1. Michael Jones January 13, 2015 at 4:02 pm #

    The process for asking the Council to agendize an issue is to make a written request to be put into Reports and Communications. It is not clear whether they are required to allow you to speak, but I used the process to have Council direct staff to post the compensation information online, and Gruendl was expecting me to speak on it at the time it was in Communications. Then they agendized it. Then staff did as requested, obviating the need for a Council vote. I’m batting 1.000 Will the Council support reversing the plastic bag ban? Or is it better as a fun campaign issue in 2016. Perhaps along with sales tax, if the proponents haven’t gotten scared off?

  2. bob January 17, 2015 at 9:03 am #

    Someone responded to Jack Lee in his blog regarding the city council overturning the bag ban.

    Jack said they can’t do it because they don’t have the votes. Turns out that’s not true. The council can overturn it a year after it was passed with just a simple majority. And if they wanted to overturn it sooner they can by pass the year limit and not wait.

    So they could overturn it now if they want.

    That’s what I suspected all along, especially after you posted some of the city code.

    I bet you they don’t even overturn it after the year limit. When was it passed? April of last year? I bet you, come April or May nothing will be done and the so called conservatives will have nothing to say about overturning it. Why? Because there is no benefit for their cronies and they don’t want to be seen as politically incorrect since grocery bags have no been declared vile creations that will ruin the planet.

    It just proves the uselessness of voting. Anyone with the ego to want to be a politician, to mandate how other people will be allowed to live their lives, will look out for number one and do whatever is politically expedient and to h ell with freedom, liberty and the little people (and I don’t mean David Little). Democracy, what a joke.

    • Jim January 18, 2015 at 8:55 am #

      Yes, well known fact that only those on the prevailing side of the decision can bring it back during the year after the action. A common rule. But, I don’t think that they have the votes. Look at how Coolidge refused to get rid of the arts commission. Arts commissioners are crowing that Coolidge is on their side to reinstate the arts commission to its former schedule. He’s a RINO.

      • bob January 18, 2015 at 1:53 pm #

        I’m not clear on what they are doing with the Arts Commission.

        I thought they were getting rid of it. Now you say it looks like it will be back as its former self?

        The city is in a huge financial hole. It can’t afford it. And besides, why should one person be forced to subsidize someone else’s taste in art?

        I know that with a simple majority the council can over-turn or pass any ordinance they want so the conservative majority could change many things right now but they aren’t.

        If this current majority keeps the bag ban, keeps the STF and all the former liberal majority’s pet projects and also continues to give away the store to the public employee unions than what is the point of having a conservative majority?

        The way things are turning out are just as I predicted before the election. I said back then that none of the candidates would stand up to the special interests and do what is financially prudent. None of the candidates were worth your vote.

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