Debbie Bacigalupi to speak on Agenda 21 at Nevada County Fairgrounds, January 28 – admission is free

15 Jan

Debbie Bacigalupi will be addressing “Agenda 21” at a meeting of the Nevada County Tea Party on January 28 (2015).  The meeting takes place at Ponderosa Hall on the Nevada County Fairgrounds, admission is free, gate opens at 6pm for the 6:30 event.  

Bacigalupi is a Siskiyou County native who has attended Notre Dame de Namur, California, achieving her BS and MS in Business. She attended the 2012 United Nations Rio Earth Summit +20. The 1992 Rio Earth Summit produced the now very controversial document “Agenda 21”.

Read more about this event at the Territorial Dispatch, January 14 issue, page 12:

2 Responses to “Debbie Bacigalupi to speak on Agenda 21 at Nevada County Fairgrounds, January 28 – admission is free”

  1. bob January 17, 2015 at 11:12 am #

    Do you think this speaker will speak in Chico?

    This Agenda 21 stuff is for real but it is so gradual that most people are not even aware of it. And if you even point out that it exists you are labeled some kook by people like Steamin’ Stemen.

    These Agenda 21 people want to dictate how everyone else (except for them and the rest of the elites) will live. They want us out of houses and crammed into little Doe Mill cracker boxes where no one will have backyards and your neighbors reside in your lap and of course you have no garage (because no one will have cars). They want us living like sardines in a sardine can.

    They want to make energy prohibitively expensive so no one will have cars and the masses will have to live in tiny dwellings. They want no one but them to have property rights.

    They are tyrants.

    • Juanita Sumner January 18, 2015 at 7:10 am #

      Yes, Agenda 21 is totally real, and it’s already happening in Chico, with the mandates for “more compact housing.” I don’t even like talking about it, I think it makes people feel hysterical.

      Studies have shown that high density living is bad for people. My favorite read is still “Oh Rotten Gothan – Sliding into the Behavioral Sink” by Tom Wolfe. You can find the doctor he interviewed for the story – Dr. Edward T. Hall – and his work online, it’s an easy read.

      I think cramming people into smaller space has immediate benefits for developers, and certainly makes the civil servants’ lives easier.

      I wish I had a bigger, more dedicated group, I could invite people like Debbie Bacigalupi to speak here. Maybe the Chico Tea Party will get her to come, they have pretty lively meetings.

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