CCAG filings posted today (date-stamped when?); CPOA filings still missing from city website

16 Feb

I sent the letter below to the Enterprise Record, it ran about two days ago. I don’t know if letters to the editor do any good anymore, but I want to keep the contract talks up in front of the public. 

As of today, the clerk has posted the filings for CCAG, date stamped February 5 – you can put whatever date you want on a date stamp. But, the CPOA final filings are still missing.

The January 31 deadline for filing the post-election campaign reports has come and gone and, as of February 6, neither the Chico Police Officers Association nor former police chief Mike Maloney’s  Chico Citizens for Accountable Government’s reports are available on the city website. The CPOA was also late in filing their 3rd Pre-election reports.  The clerk has discretion to fine these PAC’s but instead gave them an extension until February 2, which they also missed. For some reason she has taken past campaign filings off the website, requiring interested parties to come to her office during business hours to request viewing. It would be interesting to see how much the CPOA spent installing Morgan in 2012. 

According to their pre-election reports, the CCAG spent over $10,000 on mailers for newly elected council members Fillmer and Coolidge as well as re-elected Sorensen. Those council members are in contract negotiations with the CPOA, but they are not posting proposals on the website as they promised in their “Sunshine” ordinance. 

I don’t know how the police department, council, city staff, public pensioners, or their families can expect the voter’s respect or trust when they behave so secretly, holding information from the public who pay their salaries and benefits. 

Excessive public compensation is destroying our community. 

Juanita Sumner, Chico CA

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