Butte County clerks unconcerned about 1400 returned ballots – “most of ’em have moved…” Then how did they get their sample ballots?

25 Oct

A week or so ago, a friend of mine complained that while he had received his voter’s pamphlet with his sample ballot, he had not received his mail-in ballot from Butte County Clerk.  I nagged him to call the clerk’s office, knowing what a pain in the ass those people can be, and he did.

He reported back Monday,  “I will be lucky just to vote. I called Candace Grubb’s office and was told my ballot was sent but they said they have heard from many people like me who never got their ballot. They said there are so many vote by mail voters that the postal service is having problems delivering the ballots.  They said they will mail another one to me but I will have to call them when I get it to void the first one.  They said it should take seven to ten days for me to get my ballot.  That’s assuming I get it at all.  I asked why the ballots weren’t mailed much earlier if there were enough vote by mail ballots to be a possible issue but was given no answer.”

I find that stunning. I mean, if they told me that, I’d feel as though they’d hit me with a stun-gun. What kind of crap answer is that? 

In this morning’s paper Grubb’s flipped off the whole affair – “ I don’t know if we have a carrier problem or what,” Grubbs said. “ We’ve gotten 1,400 of them back. Most of them have moved.”

Wow, doesn’t she sound concerned? 

The paper related the story of a lady here in town who had not received her ballot. “She checked her registration status on the Butte County Clerk- Recorder’s website and it said she was an active voter. Her address was right. She had received the sample ballot weeks ago. So, where was her official ballot?”

“ My bills seem to get here okay,” Donahue said with a laugh. Yeah, that is funny, isn’t it?  Cause what else got there, was her sample ballot, just like my friend.  

Grubbs is full of crap.  This is incompetence at best.  I don’t want to get too far out on a limb, but I believe voter fraud is rampant in Chico and Butte County, and  I think she knows it. I think she’s seen people who register at their jobs here in town, I think she’s seen business addresses used for voter registration because the owner lives outside the city, and I think she only calls them on it when they’re registered to the wrong party.  Like the owner of Payless  Lumber, who registered at his business, I assume, so he could vote in City Council and other city elections that directly affect his business. He was called on the carpet.  

When I asked Grubbs if I could get copies of the voters’ rolls (public information posted at every precinct door), she told me I had to register with her office as a PAC. This is information she sells every year to both political groups  and even advertisers, but she wouldn’t sell it to me. Hmmmm.

So believe what you want, but if you’ve lived in this county as long as I have you’ve seen things that indicate I’m right.

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