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Have you received your mail-in ballot?

16 Oct

My husband and I watch a lot of Sacramento News – just to see what’s going on in the outside world. What we found out lately is, Clerk/Recorders in other counties are being way more proactive about getting people to vote.  In fact, people are already returning their ballots in Sacramento, and I haven’t even received mine yet.

Of course, I got the voter guide sent out by the state. And my PO Box is full of campaign crap from every Tom, Dick and Kasey, but the clerk can’t seem to get my ballot delivered.

What is with that bitch?

For years I’ve got my voting information at my PO Box, because my home mail service is sketchy at best. For 15 years it’s just got worse and worse – here’s a tip, don’t complain, the post office folks have ways of making you very miserable. You should have seen what they did to our Christmas packages for years.  So, we just started changing everything to our PO Box. Which is great, you don’t have to worry about porch pirates, and the service at the post office is fantastic compared to home delivery.

So we’ve been getting our voting materials at that PO Box for over five years now, without a hitch. Until this year, when we found a notice in our home mail box that we should receive our mail in ballot between October 10 and October 18. The notice included a change of address form. I wanted to call the clerk’s office and ask why my address had  been changed when I’d been getting my stuff at that mailbox for at least two elections, but I decided just to turn in the change of address form. That was back in September.

Then I received two of my three property tax bills at my home mail box. And here’s the other thing – one of my neighbors’ prop tax bills was included in my stack. That’s my mail man! And that’s why I got the PO Box. So I sat right down and called the Tax Collector’s office, left a message asking for the mailing address to be changed (without asking why two of three had been switched in the first place, cause I also know better than to mess with the Tax Collector). I received a call back within 24 hours telling me the change had been made. They even sent me new bills within a week.

But still no mail in ballot or local election guide, either at my home mail box or my PO Box.

The clerk has two more days to get that ballot into my mail box, one or the other. I don’t know what to do if it doesn’t come – last time I contacted her about the issue of missing ballots she was in my face HOSTILE.


We have too many people in public service who think they are above question. 

Let me know if your ballot has turned up or not. 

UPDATE: I finally got my mail-in ballot and voter guide yesterday, October 17, one day short of the deadline, and roughly two weeks til Election Day. Meaning, about a week to get my ballot back in the mail, for Prudence’ sake. 

We need a new clerk. A young person who is willing to take a rational salary and pay their own benefits. Oh, and actually do the job.


While other counties send out mail in ballots to raise voter turnout, Butte County Clerk sits on 32 percent turnout twiddling her thumbs

22 Jun

The most distressing result of the June 5 election was a dismal 32 percent turnout.

I always wonder, who registers to vote, sits through a month long media blitz, fields a steady stream of campaign junk in the mailbox, but doesn’t vote?

And that leaves me with, who does vote? (And what rough beast, it’s hour come round at last…)

I also have to ask, what’s Candace Grubbs doing about it?

Because in Sacramento, Nevada, San Mateo, Madera and Napa Counties, the clerks are experimenting by sending mail in ballots to all registered voters.

“The hope is that the number of people voting will increase.”

Candace Grubbs has been our clerk for over 20 years now, and despite her reassurances, I think she’s lost any passion she ever had for public service. In the last election she announced ballots being thrown out because she didn’t like signatures, ballots being “lost”, unreadable, etc. I had complaints from voters who did not receive ballots, even after receiving pre-election materials such as the state voter guide. When they contacted Grubb’s office they were told they’d receive new ballots that never arrived. Finally they were told they needed to drive to the clerk’s office in O’ville.

Talk about creating a hostile environment. When I questioned her about it she went up my ass.  (see Nov. 2, 2016)

Of course she ran unopposed in this latest election – which one of her underlings would have the nerve to run against her?

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Grubbs to do anything to raise voter turnout  – she complains she can hardly handle 32 percent.

What we need to do is find a new candidate for clerk in 2022.


Randall Stone takes responsibility for phony election mailer, says it was legal

24 Mar

City of Chico Elections?

When I found this post card in my mailbox, I did a double take – it looked like an official city of Chico mailer, but I realized – there is no “City of Chico Elections” department.


A couple of readers asked me to follow up on this post – so I sent an e-mail to the county and city clerks’ offices, and cc-d Karl Ory and Randall Stone. I left Ann Schwab off by mistake, but intentionally ignored Tami Ritter because she seems to have to have done a Rumpelstiltskin since losing to Karl Ory, her running mate.

I got an immediate response from Randall Stone, who was able to retain his seat in the election. 

“1) I knew about it.  It is (in part) my mailing and I authorized it (as is indicated on the envelope…that’s not counterfeit).
2) I sent it (in part).  I paid for it (in part).  Both of these details are part of my campaign disclosures.
3) I’m sorry you find it misleading.
4) It is legal (and not uncommon).
5) I don’t know who you should ask and for what purpose.  But if you believe something about it is untoward, I would encourage you to ask anyone you feel appropriate – up to and including the FPPC.
Sorry I can’t be of more help than that.  We get a lot of accusations of violations about any number of things (you wouldn’t believe some of the wild charges that have been levied in the past), including requests for us to file accusations against our “opponents” or detractors.  Generally, I leave these types of requests for others to address.  I haven’t got the time.


The city clerk’s office is responsible for accepting filings from candidates and groups who want to place items on the ballot, but she told me, “I do not have any authority over mailer content and format.”

The city clerk had forwarded my inquiry to the county clerk, who asked me if I wanted to come in to her office to talk about it? What? Why can’t you just give somebody a straight answer Candy Baby? 

She’s still pissed at me over this:




So, there’s election accountability in Chico and Butte County – two women who just won’t do their jobs, and candidates who do whatever they want. And then there’s the voters, who apparently couldn’t care less.

Grubbs “resents” my asking questions about missing ballots, thrown out ballots, undeliverable ballots…

2 Nov

I sent a note to my third district supervisor, Maureen Kirk, regarding my own and others’ concerns about missing ballots, “undeliverable” ballots, etc, and she forwarded my questions to Candace Grubbs.  Here’s Grubb’s response, forwarded to me by her assistant.  

I had asked these questions of Maureen Kirk, telling her things other people have told me, and experiences my husband and I have had. I didn’t send these questions to Grubbs because I know she’s busy right now – but busy doing what, is what I’m wondering, given I have two friends who’ve told me her office has declared their ballots “undeliverable” after they’ve been voting at the same address for years. Two people have told me the post office took them off the voting rolls and wonder how that’s possible. So I ask questions – screw me! – and this what I get:

Hello Juanita,

It has been very busy here today, please excuse me for not getting back to you sooner.

You asked the following questions: As of 10/31/2016,

1) “How many (voters) did not get their first ballot because of whatever mistake by post office or clerk’s office?

Answer: 1820 Ballots have been returned to us as “undeliverable” by the post office. Reasons, people have moved (Election material is not forwarded) including those that have moved out of state; Postal delivery errors- on these we are in contact with the postal authorities and they have and are investigating.

It is important to note: We have issued 1993 2nd ballots to voters.

The ballots undeliverable and 2nd issues are from the entire county, not just the Chico area.

2) “What does she mean by “undeliverable” ballots – see above

3) “Voters were told it would take 7 to 9 days for them to receive their ballot” – All mail in Butte County goes to Sacramento to be sorted by address. Due to the large volume of mail at the Sacramento Distribution Center, it is taking longer for mail to reach Butte County. That is why, I advise voters who want to keep their ballot until Election Day to drop the ballot at any polling location by 8:00 pm. Also new legislation allows us to count ballots that are postmarked by or on Election Day (November 8th) to be counted as long as we receive it within 3 business days.

4) “Last election the news reported Grubbs threw out a lot of ballots because she didn’t think the signatures matched”. First off – we do not throw out any ballots. All voters are contacted by letter or phone if (1) they did not sign the return envelope or (2) if the signature did not significantly match the signature on file. In the Primary Election 2016, we were able to count 80% of the ballots that were originally challenged. In order to contact voters, we sent out 1211 letters and made 1139 phone calls. And yes, we could clearly see some of the ballots were returned with a signature that did belong to the voter. Wouldn’t you want us to check to make sure you are the person that voted your ballot AND not someone else?

5) If you would like to update your signature on file, I have am sending you a voter registration card for that purpose.

6) “It should be public how many she throws away and for what reason”. It is not enough to say I resent these comments, but they are factually untrue. All ballots are kept for 22 months after an election in case of a court challenge. This office spends thousands of tax payer dollars to make sure that every vote than can count is counted.

5) If you would like to update your signature on file, I have am sending you a voter registration card for that purpose.

6) “It should be public how many she throws away and for what reason”. It is not enough to say I resent these comments, but they are factually untrue. All ballots are kept for 22 months after an election in case of a court challenge. This office spends thousands of tax payer dollars to make sure that every vote than can count is counted.

Juanita, I invite you to view for yourself our operation and see the work we do to train precinct officers, to validate all vote by mail ballets and to count all ballots correctly.


Candace Grubbs

County Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters

All I did was ask questions, and she resents that? She didn’t give me the answers right away either – she e-mailed me telling me to drive up to Oroville and she’d give me the tour. I don’t have time to take from my work day to drive to Oroville, and if she’s so busy, why would she invite me to lolly-gag around the shop with her? Besides,   I wanted the answers in writing so nobody  could accuse me of misquoting or spreading misinformation.

I’m not satisfied with Grubb’s response, I resent her resenting it, and I think she’s acting guilty about something.  You decide. If you have any more questions about your ballots ask old Candy yourself, I’m done with her.

And Maureen too. I don’t really think Kirk cares about this stuff.  The both of them need to step down. 

Butte County clerks unconcerned about 1400 returned ballots – “most of ’em have moved…” Then how did they get their sample ballots?

25 Oct

A week or so ago, a friend of mine complained that while he had received his voter’s pamphlet with his sample ballot, he had not received his mail-in ballot from Butte County Clerk.  I nagged him to call the clerk’s office, knowing what a pain in the ass those people can be, and he did.

He reported back Monday,  “I will be lucky just to vote. I called Candace Grubb’s office and was told my ballot was sent but they said they have heard from many people like me who never got their ballot. They said there are so many vote by mail voters that the postal service is having problems delivering the ballots.  They said they will mail another one to me but I will have to call them when I get it to void the first one.  They said it should take seven to ten days for me to get my ballot.  That’s assuming I get it at all.  I asked why the ballots weren’t mailed much earlier if there were enough vote by mail ballots to be a possible issue but was given no answer.”

I find that stunning. I mean, if they told me that, I’d feel as though they’d hit me with a stun-gun. What kind of crap answer is that? 

In this morning’s paper Grubb’s flipped off the whole affair – “ I don’t know if we have a carrier problem or what,” Grubbs said. “ We’ve gotten 1,400 of them back. Most of them have moved.”

Wow, doesn’t she sound concerned? 

The paper related the story of a lady here in town who had not received her ballot. “She checked her registration status on the Butte County Clerk- Recorder’s website and it said she was an active voter. Her address was right. She had received the sample ballot weeks ago. So, where was her official ballot?”

“ My bills seem to get here okay,” Donahue said with a laugh. Yeah, that is funny, isn’t it?  Cause what else got there, was her sample ballot, just like my friend.  

Grubbs is full of crap.  This is incompetence at best.  I don’t want to get too far out on a limb, but I believe voter fraud is rampant in Chico and Butte County, and  I think she knows it. I think she’s seen people who register at their jobs here in town, I think she’s seen business addresses used for voter registration because the owner lives outside the city, and I think she only calls them on it when they’re registered to the wrong party.  Like the owner of Payless  Lumber, who registered at his business, I assume, so he could vote in City Council and other city elections that directly affect his business. He was called on the carpet.  

When I asked Grubbs if I could get copies of the voters’ rolls (public information posted at every precinct door), she told me I had to register with her office as a PAC. This is information she sells every year to both political groups  and even advertisers, but she wouldn’t sell it to me. Hmmmm.

So believe what you want, but if you’ve lived in this county as long as I have you’ve seen things that indicate I’m right.