While other counties send out mail in ballots to raise voter turnout, Butte County Clerk sits on 32 percent turnout twiddling her thumbs

22 Jun

The most distressing result of the June 5 election was a dismal 32 percent turnout.

I always wonder, who registers to vote, sits through a month long media blitz, fields a steady stream of campaign junk in the mailbox, but doesn’t vote?

And that leaves me with, who does vote? (And what rough beast, it’s hour come round at last…)

I also have to ask, what’s Candace Grubbs doing about it?

Because in Sacramento, Nevada, San Mateo, Madera and Napa Counties, the clerks are experimenting by sending mail in ballots to all registered voters.

“The hope is that the number of people voting will increase.”

Candace Grubbs has been our clerk for over 20 years now, and despite her reassurances, I think she’s lost any passion she ever had for public service. In the last election she announced ballots being thrown out because she didn’t like signatures, ballots being “lost”, unreadable, etc. I had complaints from voters who did not receive ballots, even after receiving pre-election materials such as the state voter guide. When they contacted Grubb’s office they were told they’d receive new ballots that never arrived. Finally they were told they needed to drive to the clerk’s office in O’ville.

Talk about creating a hostile environment. When I questioned her about it she went up my ass.  (see Nov. 2, 2016)

Of course she ran unopposed in this latest election – which one of her underlings would have the nerve to run against her?

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Grubbs to do anything to raise voter turnout  – she complains she can hardly handle 32 percent.

What we need to do is find a new candidate for clerk in 2022.


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