We need a dog with some teeth

19 Dec

Well, here’s my answer from David Little regarding the missing link in the CUSD lawsuit story:

“The reason we took them down is, the data dump contained private information about juveniles, identifying information like Social Security numbers, that we weren’t comfortable publishing.”

It took me two days to get that answer out of him – at first he said he thought I was saying the link to the story didn’t work. I frankly don’t believe he’s that dumb, my e-mail was very clear. He knew exactly what I was talking about.

There was absolutely no reason why those e-mails should have contained SSN’s.   The district is usually very careful with people’s personal information, for example, students being considered for expulsion at public  board meetings are ID’d only by code numbers on the agenda.

When I asked Dick Little how he thought those SSN’s got into those e-mails, he dummied up on me, again. I mean, come on – if it was his kids’ socials it would have been a very,  very different story, wouldn’t it?  Remember how public he went with his own identity theft?  Here’s a story he wrote about it five years later! 


It’s obvious to me Little is very vindictive about his personal problems. But as an advocate of the people?  He will forget the school district’s shenanigans within six months. 

Sheesh we need a real newspaper in this town.

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