Two deaths in a week, city still stalls on dealing with illegal campers

24 Jan

I know some people would like me to stop complaining about illegal camping in Bidwell Park, but that’s what it takes to get the police to do anything about it – constant complaints.  

After city manager Mark Orme told me “the best means of allowing staff to succeed is for aware and willing residents to inform the City of these types of issues – so many thanks to you,”  I have made two more reports of illegal camping in the same spot in the last month. The response isn’t so friendly after the first complaint. Orme does not address me personally anymore, instead cc’ing me as he forwards my complaint to the public works and police  departments.


 FYI – for the Park Rangers knowledge too.  Thanks.


 Mark Orme

City Manager

For the Beautiful City of Chico 

Then Erik Gustafson from public works chimes in – Copy That!

Copy, I’ll forward to Rangers right away and have them connect with Sgt. Zuschin for notification status.  Thanks,


Erik Gustafson

City of Chico | Public Works Director – Operations

(530) 894-4202 Office  –  (530) 895-2634 Fax

Website | Contact Us


I just love the way these guys sign off an e-mail!

Police chief’s not so fancy, he’s just “Mike”.


 We are looking at Wednesday to have this resolved…PD and Parks are in contact to make it happen.



But the chief’s response kinda took the air out of my balloon – I reported this Saturday, and they won’t be taking care of it until Wednesday?

Meanwhile, we’ve had two drug overdoses on public property within a week, this latest girl found at the CARD center, only 20 years old. 

People think I don’t care, but I am sorry for that girl. She’s been arrested twice for possession of narcotics and even petty theft, charges dropped? Who is really to blame for this problem? 

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