New twist on Robin Hood

24 Jan

Can you see what’s wrong in this picture?

This was left behind in the areas where we have found illegal campers in middle Bidwell Park. They seem to have moved their tents to a new location, and left their garbage.

The first things that catch my eye are the bike parts. Of  course garbage is also disgusting, but there’s more going on here than littering.  Is Bidwell Park, like Lindo Channel, a sprawling no man’s land of criminal activity? 

The tents had been moved to different, but not new, locations. These well-worn paths usually lead either to an occupied tent or a pile of garbage.


These muddy, beaten paths lead into the tangled mess of non-native overgrowth, frequented by transients.

This is a crime problem –  criminals who can pick up and move anytime they want, move in and out of your neighborhood in the dead of night, and disappear into a jungle of a park that runs the entire breadth of town. 



4 Responses to “New twist on Robin Hood”

  1. Rob January 25, 2017 at 5:16 am #

    What I also see in your picture that I’ve seen in the park is that they cut or break downed tree branches and build little forts, campsites, whatever you want to call them. It helps to shield them from view, but all a person has to do is walk off the main path and they’ll find these campsites all through the park.

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