Liberty Tour VI — learn about Oroville Dam, California Voter Fraud, Cal Exit vs State of Jefferson, and the Declaration of Independence

18 Apr

Liberty Tour VI

Saturday April 22, 8 am – 3 pm

Church of Glad Tidings

1179 Eager Road

Live Oak, CA 95953

$20 at the door

As Lou Binninger says in this week’s Territorial Dispatch,  “You’re more likely to see a spotted owl than get accurate information on these topics elsewhere.”

That’s actually true – when Doug LaMalfa came to Oroville last night to talk about the dam crisis, the “community meeting” was completely derailed by – get a load of this – outside agitators from Grass Valley. 

I notice whenever I see one of those “pussy” hats there’s a fascist under it, ready to tell you what you should be doing and thinking.

They shouted down speakers as LaMalfa and other local officials tried to answer questions about the Oroville Dam crisis – apparently they don’t care too much about women living in the path of a gazillion cubic feet of water, held back by a 50’s era dam that, if it’s built the same as the spillway, has no rebar or modern concrete standards, and is about as safe as a day-old egg.

The pussy hat people wanted to talk about Sanctuary City, but I bet  they aren’t talking about undocumented aliens being  registered to vote as citizens. 

Given our slanted media, we either get the liberal rant on most of these issues or we hear nothing at all. While Liberty Tour speakers also have their slant, it’s a good idea to hear both sides, find something rational somewhere in the middle.

I’m sorry they charge so much for this engagement – $15 ahead, $20 at the door. If they were really anxious to inform the public, they could wave the charge or make it more reasonable. But, if you have the dough and time to drive up Hwy 99 to Live Oak, you might learn something.

If you don’t make it, keep an eye on the Territorial Dispatch, Lou may have a recap of at least some of the speakers.


2 Responses to “Liberty Tour VI — learn about Oroville Dam, California Voter Fraud, Cal Exit vs State of Jefferson, and the Declaration of Independence”

  1. leonard costa April 21, 2017 at 7:43 am #

    our state has always had enough money to maintain our roads,bridges,damns,fire,law inforcement,schools ect. but due to greed and poor decisions by our politicians the money was spent elsewhere such as wages and benefits. for example, we are going to see many closures of fire departments due to not enough funding. but there income and benefit packages from top to bottom has dramatically increase well above the average income of the community of which they serve. this is true with many other groups and politicians. so the answer is not to raise taxes but cut wages and benefits back to percentages that properly fit in there communities. and it is our duty as americans no mater what political party you belong to; demand our politicians to get to work and to the job we hired them to do. and on the national level they need to quit wasting our tax dollars by protesting our new government not because they disagree with policies and views but do not like the results of the election.

    • Juanita Sumner April 21, 2017 at 11:57 am #

      Thanks for commenting – you hit the bullseye – we have to tell our public employees we are no longer willing to support their hilarious retirement fantasies while still suffering their incompetence.

      If you are going to attend Liberty Tour, would you consider writing a short (250 words or less) recap of the event? I will post it here. I will not be able to go, but would be happy enough to know it is well attended.

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