Harris plays the race/gender card but she’s just another member of the Good Old Boys Network

23 Jan

I try to keep this blog local but every now and then I see things in my stats that tell me what other people are talking about. Over the last year, the Number One search that has brought people to my blog has been “Kamala Harris sucks.” A close second has been “Kamala Harris corruption…” 

The other day when she announced her candidacy for President the stats went through the roof. These searches have brought people to an old post I did a couple of years ago, when Harris was still California Attorney General, and making hints about running for senate. On the day she made her presidential announcement, 105 people read that post.


This woman has no game plan other than the race/gender card. She’s a total flake.  She didn’t even finish her full term as AG before she leap-frogged into the senate. She didn’t do anything important as AG – she completely dropped the ball with the CPUC/Michael Peevey investigation. 


When criminal investigators with the California Attorney General’s Office searched the home of a former top utility regulator early last year, they uncovered evidence that upended a story state officials and a major electric utility had been telling consumers about the deal to pay for the shutdown of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.

This was big. And Attorney General Kamala Harris, now a candidate for U.S. Senate, was hailed by consumer activists for her aggressive investigation.’

Yes, it looked like they had Peevey red-handed. “Investigators found handwritten notes that showed Peevey had met secretly with an Edison executive in Poland after the nuclear power plant sprang a radioactive leak and had to be closed. There, they came up with a framework for a San Onofre settlement that closely resembled the final public deal. “

According to the San Diego Reader, there they “sketched out” a document “that would have ratepayers choking up $3.3 billion, or 70 percent, of the $4.7 billion decommissioning costs of the shuttering of the San Onofre nuclear plant.” A subsequent investigation found the San Onofre leak and shut down were due to SCE mismanagement, and a lawsuit settled in 2016 resulted in more than $750 million in rate adjustments. But because of Harris’ mis-handling of the case, Peevey not only walked away from charges, he was given a lavish retirement dinner.

From the San Diego Reader, During the firestorm, the attorney general’s office raided Peevey’s home, looking for criminal violations. Investigator found documents such as his handwritten notes sketching out the ratepayer rape. But the statute of limitations ran out, leading to whispers that then-Attorney General Kamala Harris let evidence sit, She was then running for U.S. Senate, needing the support of Gov. Jerry Brown, a longtime friend of Peevey’s. She won the election and now some pols and scribes are talking about her running for president in 2020.”

Yeah, not only Jerry Brown but his sister Kathy were heavily involved with Peevey, So Cal Edison, and other members of the CPUC.


I don’t think Harris is incompetent, I believe she let Peevey go and dropped the investigation because she wanted to run not only for senate but, as you see now, she wants to be the first “black” woman president. And she knew she needed Jerry Brown on her side. 

So a vote for Harris is a vote for what we call here in the Golden State, “The Good Old Boy  Network”. 




2 Responses to “Harris plays the race/gender card but she’s just another member of the Good Old Boys Network”

  1. bob January 23, 2019 at 12:13 pm #

    Well, she’s either incompetent or corrupt, take your pick.

    And she is absolutely power hungry. She will do anything for power, even sleep with Willy Brown.

    That whole Edison fiasco is sickening. The corruption is sickening. Of course she and Brown were never held accountable because corruption is systemic. She and Brown should be in prison.

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