I tried to navigate Covered California – do the words “Donner Party” mean anything to you people?

6 Dec

My husband and I have been trying to figure out what to do about the California health insurance mandate. We can’t afford  good insurance, so we went to the Covered California website and looked into subsidized plans.

The first thing we did was fill out our personal information. The website isn’t as easy to navigate as they say, it took almost an hour. They demanded we download our taxes, so we did that. They told us they’d get back to us at our email address. We heard nothing for days so logged back in. They needed more information, they said – so, why didn’t they notify us of that at our email address? We even listed our phone number.

So we logged into our account at the website. They said our taxes indicated we qualified for Medi-Cal, and that means, we are not qualified to receive the subsidized plans offered through Covered California. 

I know what’s really going on – we went through this when my husband was ill years ago, and we told the hospital we wanted to make the “cash  deal” – pay what Medi-cal and the insurance companies pay – 10%, within 30 days. They told us we had to apply for and be turned down for Medi-cal before we could make the deal. As long as our application was in process, the deal was on hold. 

The Medi-cal application process took almost a year. We got letters from Butte County about every two months, telling us we had a new worker, and that our application had essentially gone back to step 1. Meanwhile, the hospital waited for their money. 

After about 8 months, we received a letter from Butte County telling us we DID NOT qualify for Medi-cal, and therefore we could participate in the “cash deal”. We paid our 10% and went on our way. 

They never told us why we did not qualify, but my research indicates that a person can’t get Medi-cal if they own a rental property. If you own a house, they take that when you die. Great! 

Back to Covered California. They insist we need to apply for Medi-cal before they’ll talk to us about plans. They want to see our taxes again, they want to see our receipts and expenditures on our rentals, etc. They expect us to go through the same rigamaroll we went through to make the  deal with the hospital. Who knows how long that will take, and the entire time, we are uninsured. We know we don’t qualify for Medi-cal, and we don’t want it anyway. Not only do we NOT want to pay a mandate that gives us NOTHING, we don’t want to get stuck with a plan that gives us nothing.

Medi-cal IS THE DEATH MACHINE. No competent care giver will accept their rates, so you just die.  And then they come after your kids’ inheritance – if you own a home they just take it.

So, my husband and I are going to make an appointment with an insurance agent, just to figure this bullshit out.   Every time I see a Covered California commercial I want to turn off my tv.

You may be aware of the little battle that takes place every year when Enloe tries to refuse Anthem/Blue Cross. They negotiate annually over premiums, Enloe trying to get more, and ABC just rolling over and raising rates to cover the payments. Right now, Anthem is paying higher stock market dividends than Walmart.



This isn’t health care reform. Health care is getting worse and worse as more people sign up for Covered California. Doctors and hospitals are just refusing to take their “Bronze Plan”, which I prefer to call the “Mister Shit Plan”, demanding more and more co-pays from patients. Insurance companies make money no matter what, they just drop patients who won’t pay more. 

So I’ll keep you posted. 


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