Two groups competing to recall Gavin Newsom – which petition should I sign?

8 Dec

UPDATE, 1/13/21 – Here is the link to the current recall effort

A couple of months ago I heard somebody(ies) were circulating a petition(s) for the recall of Gavin Newsom. I found out there are two groups, and there’s “some drama involved.” Hear all about it from Sacramento radio windbag Phil Cowan. 

Phil Cowan: What’s Going on with The Recall?

Here’s what I got – 

  • Two groups, “” and “”
  • “” is being run by California senate candidate Erin Cruz  (feb 13 deadline)
  • “” is being run by a San Diego physician named James Veltmeyer

That’s the facts. Which petition should you sign? Can you sign both? Cowan quotes a woman named “Mimi” from “” as saying you can sigh both petitions without voiding your signature. Given Cowan’s obvious bias, and blowface style, I decided to check other sources before I pass that along. 

Also, I would suggest you listen to Erin Cruz’s response to Veltmeyer’s condescending proposal that she drop her recall and join his team. He offers to make her “the face” of his campaign, as if that’s all a woman wants. Then he offers to include a fundraising packet with each petition packet mailed out – that makes the whole campaign sound suspicious.

I was offended by Veltmeyer’s proposition, telling Cruz to step back, and let a doctor from San Diego run a political campaign. Blowhard Cowan says Cruz’s ego is getting in the way, and insinuates that her recall efforts are all about getting her elected. I don’t know – it sounds to me like Veltmeyer is setting himself up as a future candidate.

Cruz reports that she already had her petition approved and circulating when Veltmeyer contacted her. She is telling the truth, as reported by Ballotpedia.,_Governor_of_California_(2019)

Cruz also ran a good race against Dianne Feinstein in 2018, I liked her message, and  voted for her, even though I knew I was throwing my  vote away in that overcrowded race. So, I’m signing her petition. I don’t trust Veltmeyer’s source when she says it’s okay to sign both petitions – the “language” does sound very much alike. 

You can look at both petitions for yourself. You can download, print, sign and send yours back if you prefer:

Click to access TakeCABack-Petition-to-Recall-Newsom.pdf

Petition Update


2 Responses to “Two groups competing to recall Gavin Newsom – which petition should I sign?”

  1. Jim December 8, 2019 at 10:55 am #

    The thing is if we recall Newsom will we get someone better? Need I remind you of what a mess the last two Republican governors were for California.

    • Juanita Sumner December 9, 2019 at 6:44 am #

      Good question – remember the circus resulting from the recall of Grey Davis. We got Schwarzenegger, who fortified the deals Davis made with the unions.

      So I walked out with petitions to recall der Schwarz. That recall was not successful, but really got under Arnold’s skin, I really believe he tried to listen to the public better after that. He did do better. He was certainly a better governor than Newsom, who seems to be at war with the public and the US government.

      The recall against Stone and Ory failed because the organizers didn’t know what they were doing. They wouldn’t be honest about who they intended to run. They were sneaky and suspicious, instead of answering questions. I hope Erin Cruz does a better job.

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