Lookin’ like a Taxpayer Revolution – let’s keep it up!

5 Mar

Done and done! I think we can check Measure A off our To-Do list, for now. Which will be weird, cause as you  see, Measure A has taken a lot of my attention lately.  But, like one of my friends said yesterday – we can’t let our guard down, CARD will undoubtedly bring another measure to a near-future ballot. 

This 2020 ballot was loaded full of tax measures. But it looks like we maybe had a little taxpayer revolution. 

I wish I’d spent more time discussing Prop 13, I was glad the voters didn’t need any help with that one. But, this effort is not going away, almost every ballot has an attack on the original Proposition 13. And the legislature is working to undermine the original law as well. We’ll have to watch that.

In Tehama County, the vigilant voters not only overturned a one cent sales tax, Measure G, they whopped the tar out of it, with 84% saying NO!  And that measure had a 10 year sunset date, but, according to Ch 7 news,  “people felt uncomfortable not knowing exactly how funds will be used.”  Like the city of Chico, Tehama County was attempting a simple majority measure (51% voter approval) because that would mean the fund would have been unrestricted. The measure was horribly written to allow the board of supervisors to spend the money however they wanted. No wonder the voters rejected it. 

Click to access countymeasureG.pdf

 But in Shasta County, voters similarly rejected another one cent sales tax measure, despite assurances that the measure would be dedicated to public safety and required a 2/3’s vote. 52% voted NO.  I wondered if there were weird provisions in the text of the measure – like in CARD Measure A, where they included the words “intend” and “unless”. So I read it. 

Click to access executed.CoCo_.Sales_.Tax_.Res_.030320.Ballot.Ord_.2019-05.100119.pdf

First of all, the legal language in this measure is very onerous – that’s why they put a very simplified and usually insufficient “ballot statement” on the actual ballot. ALERT: You should ALWAYS  read an entire measure before you vote on it. Read the “full text of the measure”, because that is what you are agreeing to, voting yes is like signing a contract.  And don’t skip the Arguments For and Against, because you will hear things about the measure that the proponents didn’t want to tell you.

I’m going to guess Shasta County residents are very scrupulous voters and they read stuff like the following:

“Provide an exemption from this tax with respect to certain sales, storage, use, or other consumption, of tangible goods which would not otherwise be exempt, from this tax while such sales, storage, use or consumption remain subject to tax by the state under the provisions of Part 1 Division 2 of the Revenue and Taxation Code; or…

“Impose this tax with respect to certain sales, storage, use or other consumption, of tangible personal property, which would not be subject to tax by the state under the said provision of that code.”

What I’m seeing is, Shasta County wants to be able to pick and choose what is taxable under their measure. If I were a Shasta County voter, I would have asked them to explain that. I’m guessing some people did, and they didn’t like the answer. 

So, kudos to those groups in Tehama County and Shasta County who worked hard to overturn those bad measures. The Tehama County folks worked hard, there’s my friend Liz Merry over to the left, and long-time Tehama County activist Rob Halpin at right. This is the kind of determination it will take to tell people about the upcoming Chico sales  tax increase measure. 

Tehama County residents protest Measure G

6 Responses to “Lookin’ like a Taxpayer Revolution – let’s keep it up!”

  1. bob March 6, 2020 at 5:47 am #

    Look for CUSD to put up another bond. This was from the ER today.

    The district is currently using funds from Measure E, which are “mostly gone,” and Measure K, which should not run out until 2022, Superintendent Kelly Staley said.

    Because otherwise the plan will run out of money, the district is likely to join efforts to “go out for another bond in the next few years,” Staley said. In

    Of course the article didn’t mention one word about the pensions which by now everyone ought to know that every local tax increase is a pension tax. And of course every bond is a tax increase. All the article mentioned was Bultema saying how “unfortunate” it was that Prop 13 was defeated, i.e. that they can’t take even more of our money.

    No matter how much they take it’s never enough and that’s why the tax increases will never end.

    • Juanita Sumner March 6, 2020 at 6:05 am #

      yeah, I think people might finally be noticing this avalanche of tax measures, and that the school bonds never stop coming, voters are finally saying NO. We have to keep up the pressure and keep telling people what really happens to their tax dollars. I think many are suspicious already.

      School board would be another good spot for somebody who wants to make a difference and has the time to put into the meetings. Unfortunately it’s a not very popular idea to serve on these public boards, and they often either just appoint some crony or a seat or two go empty.

      • Dave March 6, 2020 at 6:18 am #

        Until there’s pension reform there will be local tax increase measures most likely every election year.

        But not a single elected official in this city wants to get near pension reform with a ten foot pole. That includes the so-called conservatives on the city council.

      • Juanita Sumner March 6, 2020 at 6:22 am #

        I’m sorry, I know Casey runs her own business (handed to her with generations of embedded customers) and Sean is a college instructor (which means he gets a pension) I think both are about a brick shy of a load. They continue to trust and believe Orme and Constantin, are even intimidated by them, and so they continue to go along with schemes like a fee to enter Upper Park.

        We’ve sent children to do an adult’s job. We need a complete over haul of council, but of course we need candidates. What rational person is willing to put their dick in that mousetrap?

      • Dave March 6, 2020 at 6:48 am #

        The bureaucracy and the government employee unions run this place and people don’t even know it. They are the local deep state. Every now and then people get a hint like when the SEIU dumped 50 grand into Measure A.

      • Juanita Sumner March 6, 2020 at 1:39 pm #

        How ironic, they tipped their own hand.

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