Brown Act suspended, public cut out of meetings, Chico is not ENGAGED!

5 Apr

Here’s an article from the Yuba-Sutter Territorial Dispatch that I can’t find in the Enterprise Record:

Parts of Brown Act suspended

On March 17th, Governor Newsom issued the second of two Executive Orders conditionally suspending certain Brown Act provisions to allow local agencies to hold public meetings “virtually” through teleconferencing, without any physical gathering of people. (The first Executive Order had required agencies to provide at least one physical location from which members of the public could participate in the meeting. The March 17th Order eliminated this requirement.)

Legislative body meetings must still be publicly noticed in accordance the Brown Act, and the agency must provide a means for the public to observe the meeting and provide public comment electronically or telephonically. (For example, livestreaming the meeting and accepting comments by email, similar to a webinar, or allowing the public to dial into the meeting conference call and be “unmuted” during public comment.)  The opportunities for public observation and participation must be included in the meeting notice, and the agency is also required to establish a process for receiving and resolving any requests for reasonable accommodation to allow accessibility to persons with disabilities.  These provisions will remain in effect “during the period in which state or local public health officials have imposed or recommended social distancing measures.”

The Executive Order admonishes public agencies to “use sound discretion” in applying these provisions, and counties would be well-advised to defer controversial matters that are not time-critical until normal Brown Act meetings can be resumed.

This is just a news release – the Territorial Dispatch has suspended a lot of their publishing operations, but still managed to put this out. Meanwhile, the ER continues to pump out stuff like this:

Coming face-to-face with our newsroom reality | Editor’s notes

Again, Wolcott brags about his staff. He references back to the Camp Fire, as if he knows anything about the Camp Fire that somebody else didn’t tell him. Got any real news Mike? Got any journalism down there? 

Meanwhile Chico manager turned coronavirus czar Mark Orme continues to run city business under the CVBS radar. 

Is the public concerned with the April 7 agenda? Doesn’t look like it – here’s the latest post from Chico Engaged!

“derek bow at April 04, 2020 at 9:56pm PDT

this is great info thanks so much for this!”

This is a spam ad in response to a post about suicide prevention, which is not on any upcoming agenda.  The whole post is full of spam. Look for yourself.

When you look at the site you’ll see most of the latest posted “ideas” are spam ads for stuff like “work at home”, hair care, window cleaning, you name it. Are we really supposed to believe this site is an appropriate or practical way to reach our council representatives? 

Write to your council and tell them the meetings need to stop until the CVBS is officially over. Tell them to take control away from Mark Orme, who is using CVBS to keep the public OUT of the conversation. He doesn’t want to hear what we think of his pension or his sales tax increase measure. 

Mayor Ann Schwab

Vice Mayor Alex Brown

One Response to “Brown Act suspended, public cut out of meetings, Chico is not ENGAGED!”

  1. Scott Rushing April 5, 2020 at 12:26 pm #

    Right on Juanita!

    On Sun, Apr 5, 2020 at 6:44 AM Chico Taxpayers Association wrote:

    > Juanita Sumner posted: “Here’s an article from the Yuba-Sutter Territorial > Dispatch that I can’t find in the Enterprise Record: Parts of Brown Act > suspended > On March 17th, Governor Newsom issued the second of t” >

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