Candace Grubbs tells council “No way” on ranked choice voting

30 Jun

Nine hours on the road to Portland – want to know how I entertained myself? Watched a city council meeting on my laptop.

The meetings are hard to watch all in one shot, the feed cuts out constantly. So, I watch them an item at a time. It took me almost a week to watch last Tuesday’s meeting.

The item I watched on the road was the discussion about “ranked choice voting”. I’ve heard of ranked choice – it seems stupid. Instead of voting for one candidate, you rank the candidates as to your first, second, third choice, etc. That way everybody feels like they win? I’m not sure there’s any benefit to this system, but I knew right away, it would be difficult for the county clerk. I had heard the city clerk asked her about it and she said NO! So I was surprised when they brought this item forward. They just masturbate away our staff time, it’s frustrating, especially when we’re talking about two county staffers, one of them a department head making almost $200,000/year.

You could tell Candy wasn’t thrilled about it – I know, I’ve had my go-arounds with this woman, but she’s fun to watch when she’s on a righteous tirade. And she was right. I know I’ve insulted her, but I’ll say now, I love Candy!

She informed council, first off, the state doesn’t allow ranked choice in local elections. She had already told City Clerk Debbie Presson this and Presson had passed it along to council. But they decided to drag Grubbs in anyway, with her second in line following her like a baby duck. I was glad – she really laid it down. This measure would cost a shit ton of money – starting with $350,000 to update the equipment before the November election. And then another $80,000/year after that (to keep it updated? not sure).

And then she really laid down the gobstopper that the council had never considered – there’s a census going on right now, you ignoramuses. The districts you spent almost $100,000 drawing up are going to be MOOOT! Idiots! So she’s going to have all that right up the ass – and have to educate the public as to a ranked choice ballot? All by November?

Here’s a good point she brought up – people don’t even know what district they’re in. How we gonna educate all these people by November? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !!!!!!!

All Alex Brown, who proposed ranked choice, had to say was that she had not researched the idea (!), that it had been suggested to her “by a friend”, and that she was glad to “get clarification” from staff. Candace Grubbs had made it clear to city clerk Presson, before this item was agendized, that it was illegal and “no way” would she do it. Brown ignored that and asked for the item to be agendize, and council voted to discuss it at a  previous meeting.

Council, but especially Brown, use staff time like somebody elses’ credit card.  And, they’ve called “special meeting” after “special meeting” since COVID shutdown, items that are NOT essential. They all went along with the districts, without talking to Grubbs. And now they hand her the whole mess like an abandoned baby. 

I know which  district I live in, but it’s hard to see the lines. One line I know is the line that runs down my back fence, and along my neighbors’ fences, and then, wow, it suddenly jogs over to take in one house in the next neighborhood, then jogs back. Just takes in that one house – Kasey Reynold’s house. 


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  1. Juanita Sumner July 1, 2020 at 6:05 am #

    Hey Dude I’ll check into that – JS

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