Straight out of Orwell: Vaccine Influencer Training

12 Aug

I heard something so Orwellian on the news the other day, I had to google it just be sure.

Vaccine Influencers? I don’t know if that’s Orwellian or Pythonian.

First this article uses shaming, naming the zip code area that has the lowest rate of vaccination? How about the zip code area with the highest rate of smoking? Domestic violence? Obesity? Diabetes? Oh yeah – that’s all considered personal information.

In an effort to bring those numbers up, La Familia Counseling Center, a community-based organization, is hosting “Vaccine Influencer” trainings via Zoom.

Then concerns about the vaccine are belittled, they don’t even mention the side-effects that are listed on the CDC site. They offer one woman’s vague concern – “I’ve heard sometimes that people get worse when they get the vaccination and it concerns me a little bit to get it,” What does she mean by “get worse”? Does she mean blood clots? Heart inflammation? They don’t mention any of that.

And then this – “Vaccine Influencers who take people to receive their first dose will receive gift cards in exchange.

That seems a little inappropriate to me – are you going to trust people who are motivated by the promise of a gift card? Is there a limit, or is this some kind of bonanza? They’re targeting non-English speaking groups – again, can we trust these “influencers” to be truthful? Is there any oversight?

The world gets weirder by the minute. Again, I’m not an “anti-vaxxer,” but I do believe in full disclosure and honest discussions. This report from the CDC (Center for Disease Control, the accepted authority on COVID) admits cases of myocarditis and pericarditis in adolescents, but seems more concerned with suppressing the news of the risk than truly educating folks about it. They don’t give actual numbers, they don’t explain why it happened, and there’s no promise that it won’t happen again. They are more interested in killing any conversation about it.

The report details threats to COVID-19 vaccine confidence, content gaps and information voids, circulating mis- and disinformation, and action steps to take.

They just want to throw shit on people like me who want the real truth. We’re ” circulating mis- and disinformation ” just because we are asking questions.

How do you think most people would react if their neighbor came knocking on the door to tell them they are overweight and need to lose 20 or 30 pounds? How about a neighbor who wants to know what a single man is doing living in a three bedroom house when there’s a housing shortage? Should your neighbor be able to rifle through your grocery purchases and advise you as to your diet? Should they be able to look in your garbage? Come over to chide you about your smoking? Your porno collection? Your television habits? Arguments could easily be made that all those behaviors are bad for the community at large. How far are you willing to let other people “influence” your personal behavior?

2 Responses to “Straight out of Orwell: Vaccine Influencer Training”

  1. Stephen Jackson August 13, 2021 at 6:12 am #

    Juanita, I visited the Butte County Board of Supervisors this last Tuesday to present them with their own county death statistics from 2014-2021. Interesting to note that for the years 2014-2019, there were an average of 61 diabetes, 29 hypertension, 52 liver disease, 26 nephritis, 32 Parkinson’s, 54 flu/pneumonia, and 44 suicide deaths each year. When we arrived at 2020, we no longer reported these deaths….now we simply have a pandemic that’s claimed 204 people over 20 months. COVID arrived and miraculously, all other diseases “went away”? In reality, we know what happened in 2020, all these deaths from all these previously mentioned causes were reported under the primary cause of morbidity as “Covid” instead of reporting that these were deaths from Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, or hypertension, with COVID listed as the “co-morbidity” or secondary cause of death. Why did our county do this? Because of the money the medical industry was paid to categorize them this way! If this doesn’t feel criminal, it should. County leadership is allowing the numbers to be played like this, because they like the ability to control a man-made epidemic and operate with the people “locked down” and “locked out” of the workings of local government, this must end!

    • Juanita Sumner August 13, 2021 at 10:16 am #

      Wow, this is great work Stephen, thank you. Now I understand why reports that baseball great Tom Seaver died of COVID were immediately taken down over protests from family members – he died of Alzheimer’s Disease, he’d been suffering and under a doctor’s care for some time. But the local authorities still tried to say he’d died from COVID. This whole thing has been one big scam from the get-go, and now we see, there’s money in it.

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