Are COVID numbers being fudged for money?

13 Aug

Reader Stephen Jackson submitted the following comment, and I wanted to make sure people see this information.

Juanita, I visited the Butte County Board of Supervisors this last Tuesday to present them with their own county death statistics from 2014-2021. Interesting to note that for the years 2014-2019, there were an average of 61 diabetes, 29 hypertension, 52 liver disease, 26 nephritis, 32 Parkinson’s, 54 flu/pneumonia, and 44 suicide deaths each year. When we arrived at 2020, we no longer reported these deaths….now we simply have a pandemic that’s claimed 204 people over 20 months. COVID arrived and miraculously, all other diseases “went away”? In reality, we know what happened in 2020, all these deaths from all these previously mentioned causes were reported under the primary cause of morbidity as “Covid” instead of reporting that these were deaths from Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, or hypertension, with COVID listed as the “co-morbidity” or secondary cause of death. Why did our county do this? Because of the money the medical industry was paid to categorize them this way! If this doesn’t feel criminal, it should. County leadership is allowing the numbers to be played like this, because they like the ability to control a man-made epidemic and operate with the people “locked down” and “locked out” of the workings of local government, this must end!

This is something my husband and friends noticed immediately. Early in the pandemic, we had checked statistics that showed influenza killed as many as 150,000 people a year. Now all we can find are charts from the American Medical Association or the Center for Disease Control, and those are showing far lower numbers, all the way back to 2015. Look at this chart from the AMA.

These numbers don’t match the numbers we were seeing early in the COVID pandemic.

This chart shows only about 50,000 deaths a year from influenze, while they have over 345,000 deaths from COVID in one year. Stephen Jackson has provided statistics from Butte County for the same period and asserts the numbers were fudged to get money. If you’ve kept up on the numbers, as I have, you might think so too.

The county board of supervisors just took $20 million in PG&E settlement money to pay down their pension deficit. I believe the board and their staffers in the Health Department are out of touch with their sense of morality, and yeah, I believe they would fudge numbers to get money.

2 Responses to “Are COVID numbers being fudged for money?”

  1. bob August 13, 2021 at 11:21 am #

    He’s right from what I can see. Did a quick check of the Butte County 2020 numbers here

    In the search box enter this: butte pnf

    That will search for Butte County and code pnf which is pneumonia and influenza. In the Count column you can see that all the counts are 0 or empty. So the county reported NO deaths for influenza and pneumonia in 2020! Can you say B*ll Sh*t! People, you are being hoodwinked!

    And watch the county supervisor meeting where Jackson spoke. It was either Lucero or Ritter who said his numbers were misinformation. We have liars on the Board!

    • Juanita Sumner August 13, 2021 at 4:53 pm #

      Yeah, that seems to be Lucero’s response to everything.

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