Every time I see Gavin Newson on TV, it just reinforces my feelings about this recall – YES! NOW!

22 Aug

This morning I saw an interview with Gavin Newsom on Fox News “The Issue Is”. He declared, “We’re going to win overwhelmingly, we just need to remind people to turn out and vote.” It sounded more like an order than an observation.

And then the threats of “profound consequences” – Republicans, he says, will eliminate masking and vax orders, forcing the rest of us to “walk off the COVID cliff.” They will tank our economy. They will get rid of Nancy Pelosi. Asked what he thought of each of the front runner candidates, Newsom opined, “they all align with Trump, they are much more similar than they seem.”

That’s not what I saw in the debates – Cox was the only one who announced he would vote for Trump, and only if there were not other way to beat Biden. Both Faulconer and Kiley failed to bite on the question of supporting Trump, saying they wanted to stick to California issues. I think the question was off base. A more appropriate question would have been who they’d pick to replace Dianne Feinstein in the event that her slipping mental abilities lead to early retirement.

So much for a rational conversation with the governor. Asked if he thought his current advice to “just vote NO and skip the second question” was “political suicide”, Newsome ignored the reporter, leaned toward the camera, and rasped, “You don’t have to worry about the second question, just vote NO.” The reporter continued to ask Newsom why he thought there were other Democrats running on the ballot, “do you understand why Democrats are frustrated?” Again, Newsom ignored the question, writing off any Democratic dissatisfaction saying, “Everybody is frustrated, it’s the difficulties we’ve seen as a state.”

I don’t know who he means by “we”, I don’t believe he knows anything about the difficulties the rest of us have been dealing with. For one thing, when asked what he thought is the biggest issue facing Californians right now, he said, without hesitation, “What’s on everybody’s minds – we need a comprehensive strategy for homelessness.

Well, if he means the instant homelessness that occurs when you burn down an entire town, he’s got something there. Right at this moment, I’d say the biggest thing on anybody’s mind in California is, will we ever have another summer when we can open our windows at night? About two-thirds of the state is wondering if they will always live under the threat of man-made wildfires. And canny taxpayers are wondering how an agency that racks up as much overtime as Cal Fire can’t seem to put out a fire. A lot of us are asking, “if they say it’s ‘contained,’ how come it keeps getting bigger?

I’ll add, what’s going to happen to our PG&E rates as they burn down one town after another? Earlier this year, Newsom hastily passed legislation that supposedly “stabilized” utilities by protecting them from the consequences of their own mistakes. Does that mean our rates won’t go up? Who exactly is he protecting?

Every time I see Newsom in the news, he just reinforces my feelings about the recall.

2 Responses to “Every time I see Gavin Newson on TV, it just reinforces my feelings about this recall – YES! NOW!”

  1. bob August 22, 2021 at 3:20 pm #

    Interesting…why would Newsom spend time with Fox News? Maybe he’s a little desperate. Maybe he’s already toast. If he gets recalled he is most likely done as a politician.

    • Juanita Sumner August 23, 2021 at 1:09 pm #

      I was surprised how soft the interview was, the reporter didn’t even mention the wildfires.

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