It’s time for California to take a new direction – we have the right to petition our leaders for redress of our grievances, and that’s a RECALL!

27 Aug

Wow, three days of sweet oxygen, and then the winds shifted – back to breathing cancer! Thank you, Cal Fire. The Dixie Fire, for one, has now been masturbated for over a month, plenty of overtime for management, who file in and out every day in convoys of immaculate white trucks. What do these people do? They don’t get dirty, that’s for sure. You see them on the news, you see them in videos released to the badge bunnies like Karla K. Larsen. A phalanx of management pencil pushers, racking up overtime as much as three times their contractual salary.

If you’re okay with that, go ahead and ignore the recall. Get yourself a good gas mask.

Are you sick of reading about drug overdoses and crime? Yeah, Dave got his car back, two weeks and 2,000 miles later, beat up, parts stripped off, full of trash including hypodermic needles, driven all over the county by junkies. At one point, Chico PD had the car and the driver, but let them get away while they flustered over whether or not to pursue a stolen car. Chico PD is indeed, overwhelmed. The statewide policy of “transferring” criminals and drug addicts from one locality to another for money is driving Chico off the cliff. The AB109 money isn’t spent to improve prisons or jails, it’s dumped into the county pension deficit. Read the county agendas for yourself – Debra Lucero said I was spreading “falsehoods” – but the transfers, the money received and paid, and the payments toward the burgeoning county pension deficit are all in there. Then our Sheriff Kory Honea complains he doesn’t have enough room at the jail to hold car thieves, drug dealers or human traffickers, and they’re released onto the streets of Oroville and Chico. Another dealer just arrested recently, with methamphetamine, cocaine, and fentanyl. There’s a warning circulating right now to watch out for meth and coke laced with fentanyl.

If you’re okay with that, go ahead and ignore the recall. Maybe you should move to one of the towns that’s transferring them out instead of transferring them in!

Are you tired of higher taxes and deteriorating infrastructure? Right now Chico City Council, led by an idiot, is working on putting at least two different tax measures on the 2022 ballot. They are also working on a business and rent tax, which I have read will need to go before the voters, but wow, they sure aren’t talking about it in front of the voters. Meanwhile, the city of Chico only does projects that come with state grants, like roundabouts that have to be driven over by big trucks, and bike lanes to nowhere.

If that’s okay with you, go ahead and ignore the recall.

I’m sick of having my summers stolen by wildfire, I’m sick of drug dealers and junkies running my town, and I’m sick of overpaid administrators ripping me off to feather their retirement nests. It’s time for a change in leadership.

A recent letter to the ER from union operative, Tom Reed, seems to be saying that we don’t have the right to recall our elected officials. I think Kevin Kiley answers that pretty well with this comment from his Facebook page:

This election is happening because many, many, Californians have demanded it, people of all political affiliations, all background , who have looked around and seen we have the highest poverty, the most homelessness, greatest level of inequality, failing schools, crumbling infrastructure – how did our beautiful state become the last in everything?

As I’ve seen as a member of the legislature for five years, we have a broken state government. If you are someone who is frustrated with the direction of our state, you want to stay here, raise your children here, retire here, but you are afraid to cross party lines – take a chance on change, the recall is for you.

My administration will be about “Back to Basics”. Pave our roads, manage our forests, store our water, maintain our grid, fund our police, things government is supposed to do.

I’ve voted for Kiley, but I will have to ask him exactly what he means by funding our police. I’ll get back with any response I get.

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