Council to reconsider Shelter Crisis Designation

5 Oct

Tonight Chico City Council will discuss reinstatement of the Shelter Crisis Designation. Remarks made to me by Sean Morgan indicate the SCD will allow the city to suspend general health and safety code and allow “the unsheltered” to occupy just about any city property.

So, you thought the “Occupy” movement was dead?

While Morgan denies the SCD will come with new revenues to help deal with this problem, I don’t see anything about that in the report.

Here’s what I suspect: Morgan and friends are going to set up camp at Commanche Creek and Teichert Ponds. And the report says they can make up their own health and safety code – “please shit in a bag and put it in the trash…” ?

I feel this crisis has been created by the county and, in some part, by the city of Chico. And they continue to mishandle it. The airport resting site was a joke, and I think several council members knew that, and meant it that way. Jesus Center and Torres Shelter won’t cooperate and the city won’t make them cooperate. Consequently, there are empty beds at taxpayer supported shelters while these people are allowed to defile our public lands. Despite the fact that the city and county both give financial support to these shelters, these agencies refuse to hold the shelters up to their true purpose, which is “getting people off the street”.

Many of these people have drug or mental health problems. Drugs and drug use are illegal. But Chico PD claim they can’t arrest because Sheriff Kory Honea won’t hold arrestees, claiming the jail is overcrowded. Consequently, DA Mike Ramsey won’t prosecute, and these people are released on their own recognizance into our community. Even those convicted are not supervised – the “failure to appear” charges just stack up.

This is kind of a fucked up mess. There are a lot of things wrong here. The simple solution is that Chico is not responsible for this problem – no city is required to provide social services.

I don’t go to meetings anymore, I don’t go to Downtown Chico for ANYTHING anymore. What a shit hole they’ve made of our town. But, the clerk has left Engaged up and you can still join the conversation there. They only allow 500 characters – that’s not words, that’s letters, and even spaces! But I squeezed in the following comment, and I hope you’ll join me.

Butte County collects almost $100 million/year in fees for transfers of mental patients and jail/prison releases from other counties. Mental patients are held for 45 days and then released into our community. The jailer claims overcrowding and releases inmates. The county provides no follow up services or supervision of these people. Failure to Appear charges are ignored. County mental health service centers are only open M-F, 11:30 – 4:30. The county needs to do more, the city is not liable.

2 Responses to “Council to reconsider Shelter Crisis Designation”

  1. Catherine October 5, 2021 at 12:04 pm #

    After commenting on the shelter crisis item, I actually left a comment on the agenda about how few characters they allow–in comparison, the county BOS agenda comment area is unlimited, I believe. It’s a breath of fresh air to be able to share a complete idea over on the county agendas. I’m not sure why the city has this insane 500 character limit!

    • Juanita Sumner October 6, 2021 at 8:40 am #

      Thanks Catherine, I agree. And then you have to wonder how many of them actually read Engaged. The reason I use Engaged is to get in touch with folks like you. Then I write an email to my district rep, and from now on I will cc the rest of council and the clerk.

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