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Name names Joe

26 Aug
To: juanita sumner
Hi Juanita,

You may already have heard the news, but I wanted to let you know 
directly that I have decided to withdraw from the Chico City Council 
race. Many people (a growing number) believe it is very likely that I 
will split the vote and potentially cause conservatives to lose a seat 
they might otherwise gain. I don't want that to happen and I am 
willing to set aside my own personal interests for the greater good. I 
wanted to let you know so that you can release my speaking spot on 
5/25 to another candidate, if appropriate.

Thanks Juanita.

If Gruendl gets re-elected again, Chico voters deserve what they get

21 Aug

I can’t believe what an idiot Scott Gruendl is. How does this guy manage to get elected again and again?  My conclusion – Chico has become swamped with outsiders who vote by party instead of informing themselves as to what’s really going on.

Gruendl’s answer to Skywest leaving Chico airport? He continues to whine and moan about getting more people to fly out of Chico instead of drive to Sacramento or SF. The first question that comes to mind is, why was Scott driving 102 miles an hour into Chico if he could have flown to see his sick sister in the Bay Area?

Simple answer – flying and airports suck. Unless you are travelling hundreds of miles from home, it’s not worth the crap you are expected to put up with from the airlines.

Think about it – we’ve talked and talked about how people want to drive right up to the front door of businesses Downtown instead of parking in a centralized garage and meander through the gauntlet of filthy extended hands and minefield of human and animal waste to get where they are going. Yeah, I want to make a specific purchase or pick up some food, I’m not going  Downtown for a pleasant jaunt. The same applies to people who are travelling long distances – it’s just too damn convenient, for a million reasons, to take your own car.

If you park in a parking garage Downtown, you are left to tote your purchases around some pretty unsavory characters – with your hands full of bulky items, you are a sitting duck for a purse snatcher. And let’s not forget about your car – they don’t provide security in the parking garages Downtown, and they’ve had problems with cars being broken into and vandalized.

 Likewise, if you choose to fly out of town, you are left with a decision to pack as little as possible into a tiny tote that fits in the compartment over your head, or put your bags out there – like Freewheelin’  Franklin, you are never quite sure if you will ever see them again.

And, I don’t know if  Chico Airport provides any security in the parking lot, and it must get pretty dark and lonely out there at night.

I’ll never forget when our friend Dana the Bitch flew down to visit from Washington. She couldn’t get a flight to Chico until the next day, so instead of having her pay to stay in some fleabag at the airport, we drove to get her. When we met her she informed us that she’d brought a bag of gifts for all the Chico Deadheads, so we’d have to go and pick it up.

We went to the pickup point and waited about a half an hour. When Dana asked about the hold up, they told her that her bag had accidentally been loaded on a plane to Brazil.

This is a true story.

Dana is a hot little redheaded bitch. A small person physically, she has learned to puff herself up when threatened. She takes on the persona of an 1850’s river boat captain, raising profanity to a practical art.  You just had to be there, especially when they told her the plane hadn’t taken off yet, but that they just weren’t going to retrieve her bag. They told her she would have to put in a claim form and wait for it to be sent back from Brazil

And then this little fireball became agitated.  If this happened now, she’d probably be dead, but in the pre-911 days, the airport people were more malleable.  The little man behind the counter started to apologize fast, she was making one hell of a scene, and some of the other passengers were starting to join in.

Long story short – it took us an hour and a half, but we left with  the bag.

I won’t even bother to tell the story of my husband and son being abandoned in San Francisco by Skywest, by an agent who wouldn’t refund the tickets they’d bought, because I  know it’s a common story, an experience that’s been had over and over.

 Gruendl  continues to be one of the worst hypocrites I’ve known.  Instead of acknowledging that the airport has been seriously neglected by a city council asleep at the wheel, and that the airport fund has been completely tapped to pay pensions, he turns to us for charity – if only you people would pitch in for what we want!

If  this guy gets re-elected,we’re up shit creek without a paddle.

1 Mar


I got this notice today.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it, I’ll try to find out more about it. I’m just happy there are people who are working to encourage the voters to educate themselves  about the issues surrounding the upcoming election. I’m hoping this event will be well intended, show these people some appreciation for their efforts.