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Oroville cops and fire take another pay cut while Chico employees take another raise

4 Jan

Tuesday night Chico City Council unanimously approved a new contract for “public safety employees” including what city mangler Mark Orme described as “cost neutral” raises all around. 

Meanwhile, Oroville is considering pay cuts for their police and fire employees, having already cut their wages in August.


Chico and Oroville wages and benefits are similar, but Oroville has a lot more lower paid cops. 



In fact, Chico cops’ wages are on par with the city of Sacramento.


Oroville and Sacramento both have more violent crime than Chico – scroll down for crime statistics, and then look at the “per thousand” numbers and the index number at the bottom. Look at robberies and assaults. 




Finally, here’s Chico’s latest budget – try to find street repairs for your neighborhood in there somewhere.

Click to access 2016-17CityAnnualFINALBudget.pdf


Does the street in front of your house look like this? Thank a police officer!