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Apocalyptic – out and about in the COVID shutdown

22 Aug

I saw some questionable things today as my husband and I went out and about running our errands around town.

As we pulled over at the CalTRANS Park and Ride at Hwy 32 and 99 to check our trash load, we noticed the abandoned RV was still sitting there.  A very dirty, mostly naked old man had laid his blanket in a parking space, and arranged his strange collection of belongings, including the child’s stroller he drove up in, like a little barrier around himself. He lay on the ground eating out of a crumpled bag.  As we drove in he popped his head up. A beat up BMX bike hung from a No Parking sign.

Sorry if I seem sensitive, but compared to the Chico I grew up with, this is Apocalyptic. This is scene you used to see in bigger cities along Hwy 99, and for years now people have said that Chico would “just turn into another town along Hwy 99,” but I never believed it.

Sitting at a gas station as my husband filled our tank and a gallon jug for the lawnmower, I watched people mask up to go into stores, and then rip their masks off as they walked into cancer causing toxins that you could see floating by your face. If that doesn’t say it’s about compliance and not about health, I don’t know what.

I drove by my friend’s shuttered clothing business, wondering how she’s going to keep making the rent. I saw her on the news recently, begging people to wear masks so Butte County could get off the watch list and open up again.  And then we drove by a house where a woman had set up shop in her driveway. E-Z Ups with racks and racks of new dresses.  The owner, a fan of bills in her hands, stood within a couple feet of a customer,  yakking away, no masks. I am so conflicted there, I’m hardly going to report people for not wearing masks, or trying to pay their bills, but I can’t believe how unfair this is for my  friend.

There are so many inconsistencies, so many obvious flaws of logic in this COVID thing. “Thing” – I don’t even know what to call it, because I know people out there get offended when I say “scam” or “con”.  I know a lot of people really believe the masks are important, I’m trying not to insult people. But to tell the truth, this is all very insulting to me.

So I did my grocery shopping mask-free today – thanks to Lou Binninger, for discussing “Mask Nazi’s” recently on his podcast at https://www.nohostagesradio.com/   I finally decided I am done wearing the mask to the grocery store. That’s the only Chico business I patronize these days, cause I’m sorry, I have to eat. I wash my hands, copiously. I pack my tiny spray bottle of hand sanitizer in my pocket, and turn on my 6 ft radar defense system. I move quickly, making sure to avoid occupied aisles. I know what I’m going to buy, and I move in and out. I look with my eyes instead of my hands.  My husband does same, moving silently and quickly through the store, staying the hell away  from everybody.

I’ll admit – I usually mask up at check out because I just want to be polite – those checkers have to wear those damned masks all day. And I believe in science – if anybody’s at risk here, it’s people who work 8 hours a day with the public.

Here’s a positive note about COVID – my husband and I have learned to pack a cart with a week’s worth of groceries and be out the door in 15 minutes, average.  But there’s no more socializing, no more gossiping at the check-out, no more sharing of recipes. Just another town along Hwy 99?