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Mark Sorensen is a bully, and I hope he doesn’t let the screen door hit his ass on his way out of the council chambers

27 Sep

Last June I went Downtown for an 8:30 am meeting about a revenue measure. Mark Sorensen is the primary force behind such a measure. At that June meeting Staff was asked to prepare a report about what kind of revenue measure might pass. Then all Finance Committee meetings were cancelled until September, leaving the public completely out of the loop.

So, I waited all summer for the meeting scheduled for yesterday to ask questions. That’s supposed to be what these meetings are all about, get the public involved. Well, that’s BULLSHIT.

Sorensen is trying to ramrod this revenue measure through. When I questioned the need for a bond yesterday morning, he got super pissed – he was fucking shaking, okay? That’s super pissed.

Because, I got $taff to admit, $6 million in RDA funding went to new streets in the Fogarty subdivision off Hwy 32 East. That pissed Sorensen off so much, he told me my time was up. Then he allowed Stephanie Taber to go on a ramble about how the Liberals spent all the money. That got Randall Stone super pissed! He leaned forward in his chair and raised his voice, saying the road fund had been millions in deficit when “we” came in, then telling Taber, as he leaned across the table with an ugly sneer, “I don’t know what council you’re talking about.” I swear he was ready to kick the old lady’s ass.

At that point, I, not chair Sorensen, asked them both to stop talking politics and behave. Stone sat glaring at Taber, who looked surprised by his aggressive hostility. The rest of the assemblage sat looking uncomfortably around themselves.

People have complained that the council meetings have been uncivil lately. Hah! I’ve been going to these morning meetings for a long time, and Sorensen has always been an asshole if you cross him.

I think it was 2012 when Shark-Jump city manager Brian Nakamura suggested the city FORGIVE a $180,000 loan to the Nature Center. I happened to know the CCNC was raking in money on their daycare camp scam, so I went to the morning meeting. When I saw the “finance report” the CCNC handed to the committee, a sloppy hand typed list of figures that looked made up, I felt it was inappropriate. I just applied for a refinance of a mortgage, and they asked me for a stack of documents, including bank statements, even my utility bills.  So I very politely asked the director if I could see their books. “That’s enough Juanita!” snapped Mark Sorensen, who told me I was out of line. What?

Well, let me tell you why I wanted to see those books. At that time, certain Chico Democrats had taken over the board of the CCNC, including Dave Guzzetti. I know Guzzetti – not only does he cheat on his wife, he screws his friends. I had the worst suspicion he’d been siphoning money from the CCNC into his political campaign funds, and  as treasurer of the Chico Conservation Voters, he was allowed to have free rein over that money. When I looked at Chico Conservation Voters campaign expenditure reports I was not surprised Guzzetti paid himself salary.

Well, have you heard the latest about Dave Guzzetti? Busted for embezzlement, not only from CCV, but from his long-time “friend” Kelly Meagher. This was especially hard to hear since Meagher fell and injured his back last year and has been having a long, hard recuperation.


I was asking the Nature Center to show their books because the figures on their little typed sheet didn’t look real, and Guzzetti had been running that store. It also seemed odd that all the sudden a completely new board had been installed. Led by a local business leader whose company is politically active.  But Sorensen cut me off. Anytime somebody acts like Sorensen you have to wonder what’s really going on. 

He acts like he’s going smack you. At least he acts like he’s going to smack me, and I don’t like that. It’s unacceptable behavior for a man in his position, especially a guy who created and signed a “civility code” for everybody else. It’s BULLY BEHAVIOR.

So I wrote the following letter to the News and Review,  because they’ve been covering the “incivility”.

Yesterday (9/27/18) I attended a city Finance Committee meeting. The topic was  a revenue measure Mark Sorensen wants to put on an upcoming ballot. A staff report was ordered by council last Spring and then Finance Committee meetings were suspended for the Summer, giving the public no chance to get into the  conversation.

I expected a discussion of road funding options. When I asked about funding for the recent road improvements around town, I found out $6 million in RDA funding was used to put in streets at the Fogerty subdivision on Hwy 32.

As I questioned staff about this, Sorensen became very angry, and cut me off, saying I’d used 4 minutes of staff time and that was all I got. Other attendees  were allowed to ramble on at length, including a rant about how “the liberals” had spent all our money. As I held my hand up, he called on others who’d already spoken, because they all supported his revenue measure. 

Sorensen has  become increasingly hostile to anybody who questions his intentions. He’s created a hostile environment for citizens who want to participate. I’m glad to see him go, but we better be careful who we put in his place.

Juanita Sumner

UPDATE  I had to edit my letter to fit the limit – here’s the edit
Sorensen has become increasingly hostile to anybody who questions his intentions. He’s created a hostile environment for citizens who want to participate.

Asking questions is not uncivil. More people need to ask questions.






Let’s play a fast game of musical chairs!

14 Jun

I want to thank Bob over in Orland for this “way out theory based on little factual information.” That Bob, he keeps me paddling when I’d rather sink to the bottom of the Think Tank and go to sleep.

Bob reminded me, Mark Sorensen is the city manager of Biggs. Maybe you remember – he got that job through his neighbor here in Chico, Pete Carr.  Carr had been the manager of Biggs when he left to take the management position in Orland.  So, I guess, over the back fence, he mentioned to Sorensen his old job in Biggs, $90,000/year plus benies, was laying there like a warm cherry pie in an un-guarded window frame. And, Sorensen being no dummy, he snatched that cherry pie faster than Yogi Bear would go after a picnic basket.

I have to ask, are people stupid or just don’t care? How is it okay for the guy who manages your town to live in another town, where he is completely insulated from the consequences of his actions? City councilors are required to live in the city, county supervisors are required to live in their district, but you can hire a guy from Timbuktu to manage your city, and  then give him an extra stipend to jet back and forth.

It is true, whether P.T. Barnum said it or not – there’s a sucker born every minute.

Just when I was drifting off to the sound of my vacuum cleaner, Bob also reminded me, Mark Orme has stepped into the vacancy left by Brian “The Hit Man” Nakamura, so now we are out an Assistant Manager. Bob, who’s met Carr, says Carr is probably qualified for such a position.

Then Bob adds, this would leave another position open for somebody else – Carr’s manager position in Orland.

That Bob, he’s always poking my brain with a stick to see if it’s still alive.  Holy Cat Crap, I realized – that would be Gruendl!  But my balloon never even got halfway inflated before it let itself out – that doesn’t mean we’d be rid of Gruendl, anymore than the Biggs job meant we’d be rid of Sorensen.

Like I asked before – are people stupid or just don’t care? These bureaucrats change jobs like underwear, have car will travel. They used to have to sign a contract that said they wouldn’t have any other job – and I’d guess, an elected position in another town would be a conflict – but that’s just my guess. Apparently none of that matters anymore. They aren’t even required to be in the office five days a week – remember Brian Haddix, who took the CAO position for the county without quitting his job in Tulare County? Nobody noticed he was just never in the office. For 14 months.  Good  God, don’t ask any of these people to look after your cat.  After the board FINALLY found out, Haddix “abruptly resigned,” leaving five wet hens looking for a replacement. He was doing two jobs, hundreds of miles apart, for 14 months before anybody figured it out. Hellllooooo? Anybody home?

Thanks for that prediction Bob, I don’t think it’s so far-fetched at all. We’ll have to see how it plays out!



Thanks again to Truth Matters – Brian Nakamura Jones and the Raiders of the Cookie Jar

26 Nov

Mary, Quene and Alicia over at Truth Matters have been working really hard to lay out complex issues, I really appreciate the time they are putting into the details of city operations.  If you haven’t already read their post on “Remedial Funding,” take a look here:


They have explained how funds are raided, the money jumping from one fund to another faster than a barker’s fingers switching peas under walnut shells. Ah, the electronic age!

I think it’s funny that until Nakamura came along, Mark Sorensen was making big wah-wah about the sewer fund being pilfered, now he’s mum on that subject. What happened to that guy? One of my readers remarked that he never saw anybody go from private citizen to public trough dweller quite as fast as Sorensen.

Vindictive new city manager Brian Nakamura already threatening cuts in public safety service because we threw out Measure J – who hired this guy?

14 Nov

While there are still votes uncounted in Butte County, everybody seems to be assuming that Measure J has failed.  I’m still not sure, I’ll be glad to hear  Candy Grubbs declare it good and dead so I can start worrying about other stuff.

But a story from Channel 7 news quoted our new city manager Brian Nakamura already making threats to cut public safety.   “Chico City Manager Brian Nakamura says the money would have paid for up to eight police officers or two-thirds of operating one fire station…Nakamura says there could be cuts for fire and police.”

Whoa now! Here’s the guy who Mark Sorensen told me was going to get $taff expenditures  in control! This guy was hired because he supposedly has a reputation as a salary cutter! That according to Sorensen, who voted to hire him at a salary some $50,000 higher than not only his predecessor, but his replacement in Hemet as well. In fact, a few weeks ago, the city finance director had to ask the city council to approve a budget addendum to accommodate Nakamura’s $217,000/year salary. And, as of now, Nakamura pays only a fraction of his “share” of health benefits premiums and NOTHING  toward his pension, which will be 70 percent of his salary, available to him in roughly three years.

The Ch 7 story mentions, “The city says it (Measure J)  would have brought in $930,000. “ I don’t know where they got that figure, but I think it’s a conservative estimate. They already get over a million dollars, mainly from landlines.  According to my research (I GOOGLED it!), over 50 percent of America is still clinging to their land lines.

When you add life’s necessities – PG&E and water – the city gets over $4 million a year off this tax. $4 million might sound like a lot to the rest of us, who live on less than $50,000 a year, but to these people, it’s spit on a griddle. They go through almost $50 mil a year, over 90 percent of it eaten by their salaries, perks and benies.

Chico PD eats over half our budget, and with the fire department, some 87 percent.  After that 9 hour overtime fest at the empty apartment, I think some questions are in order.

But Nakamura isn’t asking any pointy questions about our budget – he won’t rock the boat. He steps right into Burkland’s shoes and starts threatening the taxpayers with cuts in services.