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Sean Morgan’s temper just cost the city of Chico $50,000

6 Dec

I won’t rehash the incident, but want to call Sean Morgan on the carpet for costing the city $50,000.


He could have let Mark Herrera have his 3 minutes – 3 minutes! – to express his feelings about a local political action committee, but Sean Morgan lost his temper and had the man arrested. Why? Because Herrera was insulting local political gadfly Rob Berry. “Human paraquat”. Not even an obscenity. I could think of other insults – how about, “PG&E LAWYER!” When I mentioned that in another blog Berry actually came to my mailbox flailing and simpering. I won’t let him threaten me again. You worked for PG&E and you know it Rob, it’s right in your “Linked In”. 

But Morgan gets a lot of money from Berry and his friends, so he thinks he is entitled to have somebody arrested for an insult. Then Morgan went on to libel Herrera by declaring him drunk in public just because the man has a different point of view. Is that what we can expect from our new “fiscally conservative” council? 

Morgan’s the same guy who, when faced with a line at a local fast food joint, hurled a half-empty coffee cup at the counter, exclaimed the “f” word, and stomped out. This guy and his friends are now running our city. That would include little miss pawn star Teri Dubose. 

Sean, you need to keep your head, cause if you cost us any more money, I’m going to sue you. I really think you should pony up the $50,000 out of your own pocket. 

And here’s a stinger – that $50 grand doesn’t include attorney’s fees.