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State of Jefferson Committee meets today, Chico library, 3:30 pm

16 Mar
Approaching Mt. Shasta from the North, I felt relieved - there's no place like home, The State of Jefferson.

Returning from Oregon on a recent road trip, here we are in the heart of what some hopefuls call The State of Jefferson.  Every time I see Mt. Shasta it’s like I’ve never seen it before. 


Sorry for the last minute notice, but I will try to keep up on these meetings in future. I think they are held third Sunday of every month, same time – 3:30.  I will probably not be able to attend today, but I’ve been getting plenty of inquiries about the SOJ movement, here’s your opportunity to find out more.

Looking for Sasquatch - we wanted to get his opinion on this state separation business, but he wasn't available for an interview.

Hot on the trail of Sasquatch – we wanted to get his opinion on this state separation business, but he wasn’t available for an interview.


There is a lot of confusion. One thing I found out recently – it’s not a secession – that means, you want out of the USA.  We are talking here about State Separation, a split between North and South. 

The first dumb comment I have, and this is pretty central to the conversation for me – why Jefferson? Have you read “John Adams” by David McCullough? Wow, he paints Jefferson, through the personal diaries and letters of John Adams and his wife Abigail, as a complete idiot savant. Look at the details of his life – constant money problems due to a major spending habit – he didn’t know how to stop! 

And I’m not even going to touch his marital life. Not with a 10 foot pole – that whole sitch was really freaking weird. 

So, there’s my first criticism – needs a new name. How about, something that has a rat’s ass to do with California, maybe? Thomas Jefferson never even made it past the Mississippi.

How about, Northern California? I know, lacks imagination, like most solid plans. If you want imaginative, I’d say, choose from the myriad of names we have from the old people – the Yana and the Modoc often  being described as the biggest badasses.  I guess it might be nice to have some sort of badass name, show those Surenos  a thing or two. Nya nya!

I’d suggest “Sasquatch,” but that word comes from British Columbia. I don’t know what the local people called the creature we know as Bigfoot. The state of Bigfoot? Naaaaaah!

This is definitely something we should mull over. Along with all the really important details, like how to pay the bills, state song, state color, state bird, etc. I hope to get to a meeting, will keep you posted.